Wisdom Tooth Pain.. Time To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

wisdom tooth painIt is perfectly natural for there to be some pain when your wisdom teeth come through, typically from the ages of 17 to 21, but when the pain goes beyond discomfort and starts to really interfere with your life, then you need to consider that you may need to go and see a dentist about wisdom teeth removal. No one wants to consider this as it is often considered a frightening and unwanted piece of dental treatment, but in order to give you a healthy, happy, and pain free mouth, your dentist may just decide that that is the best course of treatment for you.

Dr. Woods recommends that if you are over the age of 20, then it is definitely time for you to have a wisdom teeth examination. Many people will be shocked to discover that they have come through if they have not experienced any pain, but for others it will be a welcome relief to discover that there is a simple cure for the dull pain and aches that they have been experiencing. Wisdom teeth removal can be completed in just one day, without you needing to stay overnight as an inpatient, and although it is impossible to prevent a little pain and discomfort after the surgery, you will quickly notice a difference in the coming days and be pleased that you had them removed.

Aftercare following a procedure such as wisdom teeth removal is critical and your dentist will probably advise you not to brush your teeth at all for at least 24 hours after the removal. This may seem a little counter intuitive, but it is so that you do not dislodge that clot that is helping your gums to heal. Just make sure that if you have any questions about your wisdom teeth removal that you speak to Dr. Woods.

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