What To Do If You Chip Your Teeth

It is never nice to experience a cracked or chipped tooth, but many of us will during the course of our lives because or teeth naturally get weaker as we age. When you combine that will tough food such as crunching apples or ice, contact sports such as football, or DIY accidents like falling off a ladder, you can see why so many people experience a cracked tooth or a chipped tooth during their lives. Thankfully dental techniques have vastly improved in the last few years, so that you can be confident that in most cases a competent dentist such as Dr Paige Woods will be able to offer you a tooth restoration.

When you first notice that there is a problem with your teeth, you should ensure that you do not have any further injuries that you may not be aware of. Depending on the way that you received the injury, you may have concussion, neck injuries, or perhaps cuts and scrapes to other parts of your body. If you have any indication this is so, then the ER is your first port of call. After you have been checked over, go to your dentist – preferably, if at all possible, with any parts of your teeth that have been chipped off. Some teeth restoration procedures can re-attach bits of your teeth, so keep them in milk to keep them hydrated. Other tooth restoration treatments include filling in cracks to prevent infection from getting into your tooth, and sometimes even a small filling.

Make sure you come along to Brighton Dental San Diego, the best tooth restoration San Diego can offer. Speed is always of the essence when it comes to fixing a cracked or chipped tooth, so as soon as you realize that there is something wrong make sure that you give us a call straight away.

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