Understanding Lyme Disease at the Dentist

Systemic diseaseAnyone who has Lyme Disease will find that they have a flurry of different medical appointments throughout the year, and you may find that you start to get a little tired of having yourself poked, prodded, tested, and lectured by people – even though you know that they are only there to help you keep healthy! However, the last thing that most people with Lyme Disease then want to do is go to the dentist and have the same experience: poking and prodding, testing and diagnosing, and even more treatments. However, out of all the various medical experts that you will see for your Lyme Disease, it could actually be your dentist that makes the biggest difference to the symptoms you experience.

That is because Lyme Disease is a holistic problem; that is, one that affects your whole body. Almost every single one of your body’s systems will be affected by the Lyme Disease, and that means that even if you try to treat the symptoms in one area of your body, you could actually not be getting to the root of the problem unless you treat your whole body. When you visit a holistic dentist – that is, a dentist that treats the whole body too – then you have a natural ally, someone who will work hard with you, rather than lecturing you, to bring your Lyme Disease under control. It could be, in fact, that you get the most understanding of your Lyme Disease when you are at the dentist, rather than at the hospital.

If you want to be able to get the most from your dental visits then make sure that you tell your dentist that you have Lyme Disease. They will be able to bear this in mind when they examine you, and will help in their treatment decisions.

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