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Teeth Are Fun: Do These Teeth Go With My Outfit?

Beautiful, straight white teeth go with any outfit and fit any moment. Ugly, crooked yellow teeth almost never fit the clothes or the occasion. Go from bad to better with cosmetic dental help, including teeth whitening and veneers. Learn more by contacting Brighton Dental in San Diego now at (619) 359-6569 for your FREE oral health consultation.

Teeth Are Fun: We Can’t Make Your Teeth Heal, But…

You may not realize that we can’t heal your teeth like a doctor heals a broken arm – because they don’t contain and aren’t surrounded by the right kind of cells to heal or regenerate. Simple as that. But we can restore them with safe, gentle, effective techniques refined over decades. Get started with healthier, better-looking teeth by contacting Brighton Dental in San Diego now at (619) 359-6569 for your oral health assessment.

Teeth Are Fun: Even The Anatomy Of A Tooth Is Remarkable

We tend to think of a tooth as one thing, but it has several layers, parts and supporting structures, making each a remarkable work of art that deserves careful attention. If your teeth don’t look or feel like works of art, we can help. It all starts with a free dental and oral health assessment, available when you call Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: Think Of It As A Teeth Quesadilla, If You Like

The point of this graphic is to remind you to brush, floss and generally take care of your teeth – even if those are sugar cubes and a paper plate. We have real dental tools for your real teeth when you come in for a free oral health consultation with us at Brighton Dental in San Diego. Set it up by calling (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: We All Have 32 Things In Common!

Sometimes it seems like differences rule the world instead of similarities, but we all have 32 (or so) things in common – our teeth. Do what you can to keep them healthy and they can serve you all your life. For a free oral health consultation so you can join or stay in the healthy mouth club, call Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: Is Your Mouth One-Third Less Healthy Than You Think?

If you’re brushing but not flossing, you’re missing a third of your tooth surfaces, all those places between teeth and at the gum line where a toothbrush can never reach – and that means your oral health is being compromised minute by minute. Brush, floss, use mouthwash and call Brighton Dental in San Diego for a free dental health consultation at (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: Don’t Let Your Kids Be In The Majority

The majority of kids in their pre-teen years have had a cavity, but sometimes it’s best not to be in the majority. No matter where your kids stand now with their dental health, we can solve problems and prevent new ones when you call to schedule a free consultation with Brighton Dental in San Diego at (619) 359-6569.

Teeth Are Fun: Love Your Teeth Or It Will Come Back To Bite You!

first love

Loving your teeth means taking care of them by brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist regularly – and failing to love them could come back to bite you in the, uh, butt. Getting and keeping your teeth healthy starts with calling Brighton Dental San Diego now at (619) 359-6569 for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

Teeth Are Fun: Dental Cleanings Are Part Of The Dapper Lifestyle

clean teeth

Dental cleanings remove sticky plaque, hard tartar and polish away stains – plus they include a full dental health exam that can catch small issues before they become big ones, saving you money, time and, perhaps, teeth. Being dapper with clean teeth starts with a free consultation from Brighton Dental, so call (619) 359-6569 now.

Teeth Are Fun: Don’t Be Like 25 Percent Of Adult Americans

tooth truths

Did you know that a quarter of adults in the United States have lost all their teeth – something that is often just as preventable as posting really busy, text-heavy graphics on social media? For serious help with your dental and oral health concerns, call Brighton Dental at (619) 359-6569 for your free consultation.