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Sleep Apnea Facts You Should Know

Nothing feels better than a great night’s sleep. But for people with sleep apnea‚ spending a night in bed may not be very restful‚ and it can be dangerous too. If you find it hard to sleep‚ find that sleeping doesn’t make you feel rested or wake up feeling sick‚ sore or bad‚ sleep apnea – a severe disorder that causes you to stop breathing at night – could be the cause.

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Sleep Apnea Facts You Should Know

Here are some quick facts about sleep apnea:

  • Stopping breathing during the night can be caused from a blockage of your airway or a failure in your brain‚ and the pauses can last from seconds to minutes.
  • Normal sleep apnea involved 5 or so times when your breathing stops each night‚ but in the case of severe sleep apnea‚ you could stop breathing 30 or more times per night.
  • You can have sleep apnea and not know it or not know that it’s the cause of your symptoms.
  • Sleep apnea can be wrongly diagnosed as depression‚ fatigue‚ ADHD and other conditions.
  • Diabetes‚ stroke and heart attack are among conditions that can result from untreated sleep apnea.
  • Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea in some cases‚ but not everyone who snores has the condition.
  • The biggest risk factor for sleep apnea is obesity‚ but you don’t have to be obese or even overweight to have this condition.

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