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Your Hybridge Questions: FAQs About Full Mouth Restorations

Choosing to have Hybridge full mouth restoration for your failing or missing teeth is a big decision. At Brighton Dental San Diego‚ we know you have questions. That’s why Dr. Paige Woods and our team are ready to assist you before‚ during and after your treatment.

As you consider Hybridge‚ here are some questions that may come to your mind – along with helpful answers you can use:

Can I get Hybridge restorations if I have jaw bone issues?

There’s great news for most people who have been told they don’t have enough jaw bone for regular implants. The Hybridge process can be successful for many clients who have been told they’re ineligible for dental implants because of lack of jaw bone into which to place the implants. With this process‚ you may still need bone grafts which add to the healing time (a CT scan will tell the story)‚ but in general‚ the process uses bone that our clients already have – so bone augmentation may not be necessary.

Can I go back to work immediately after Hybridge surgery?

The most invasive part of the Hybridge full arch restoration process once any existing teeth are removed is the insertion of the implants on which the prosthesis sits. You will probably need a few days to recover from this surgery. You will very likely have only a little discomfort‚ but you may have some bruising. About 20 percent of patients have bruising to some degree. In most cases‚ however‚ you can return to your full schedule of activities in 3 to 5 days.

Will I have to permanently avoid some foods?

The Hybridge full arch restoration you have fitted at Brighton Dental in San Diego is made to handle normal chewing‚ but even natural teeth have limitations. Your Hybridge restoration can be chipped if you eat something that’s harder than it is. This means you should avoid ice‚ bones‚ hard candies‚ popcorn kernels and perhaps even some nuts and hard pretzels. If your restoration is damaged‚ the cost to fix it is usually comparable to having a filling done – and the repair can be completed at the Hybridge lab in only a few days.

Does insurance cover Hybridge restorations?

You cannot depend on most dental insurance companies to cover the cost of this type of implant–mounted arch restoration. For the final word, you must contact your insurance company directly – because there are more insurance plan types than ever before. If implants of this type are covered‚ you will likely be subject to a yearly maximum benefit. Medical insurance companies will not cover Hybridge restorations‚ and neither will Medicare or Medicaid.

Your Hybridge Questions: FAQs About Full Mouth Restorations

What ages is Hybridge appropriate for?

There’s no minimum or maximum age limit. The best candidate is someone who heals well‚ and that can be true at any age. Smokers often take longer to heal. To determine if Hybridge is right for you‚ our team will evaluate you carefully – and offer you other options if they are more appropriate. If healing is a concern‚ we can speak with your physician to see if there are any issues that would prevent you from having Hybridge restorations.

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