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4 Big Causes Of Dental Phobia That You Can Overcome

Dental phobia is a fear of the dentist – and it’s an irrational fear. When you need dental treatment‚ there are caring professionals you can trust‚ like the team here at Brighton Dental in San Diego. Led by Dr. Paige Woods‚ this team recognizes the causes of dental phobia and can help you conquer these fears so you can get the dental treatment you need. From calming attitudes to aromatherapy and sedation dentistry‚ there’s a solution that’s right for you.

4 Big Causes Of Dental Phobia That You Can Overcome

Common causes of dental phobia include:

Past dental office trauma. Some dentists can be brutal. We know. We’ve seen the aftermath. But just because you had a traumatic experience in the dental chair in the past‚ it doesn’t mean going to the dentist has to be a negative experience.

Sensitivity to that dentist’s office smell. We understand how just the smell of a dental office causes anxiety for some patients‚ so we use aromatherapy and other solutions to keep our office from having that smell and to keep you from worrying about the smells naturally associated with the products we use.

Other phobias and anxieties. Sometimes‚ a dental phobia is just a manifestation of another kind of fear or condition‚ including generalized anxiety disorder‚ PTSD‚ schizophrenia and more. Working with the medical professional who is treating these issues for you‚ we can find a solution to your dental anxiety.

Embarrassment. In many cases‚ fear of the dentist is caused by embarrassment about your dental condition – like lots of cavities‚ a broken tooth or bad breath. But remember that we’ve been in business a long time and have seen it all. And more importantly‚ we can resolve every issue for you.

Please don’t let dental phobia keep you from getting the dental care you require. Contact us now‚ and we’ll tell you how we can meet your needs within the parameters that are best for you.