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Stop The Endless Cycle Of Temporary Dental Fixes And Failures With Hybridge

Stop The Endless Cycle Of Temporary Dental Fixes And Failures With Hybridge

If your teeth have been compromised by decay‚ disease or injury‚ now may be the right time to push aside the endless repetition of expensive restorations and failures and go for a permanent solution. Crowns‚ bridges and even dentures are temporary solutions‚ but the Hybridge dental implant full arch treatment – available now from Dr. Paige Woods and Brighton Dental San Diego – is a restoration that can last a lifetime.

Plus‚ it can be more affordable than other implant solutions‚ and you can’t beat the beauty and durability of Hybridge.

An American Lab–Created Restoration

When you select Hybridge full arch restoration‚ you’ll enjoy benefits every day of your life. You’ll be able to eat better‚ smile better and look better – and the treatment process is quicker than with most other implant–based solutions.

Each Hybridge restoration is made in the United States at the Hybridge lab to ensure that it precisely conforms to your needs and fits perfectly. This lab is equipped with precise technology and a team of craftspeople who ensure that the company’s specifications are met.

With your new implant–based restoration‚ you’ll have beautiful teeth that work like they should – and just as importantly‚ you’ll have a healthy mouth without disease‚ inflammation or infection. This can help enhance and improve your overall quality of life. Imagine better comfort‚ increased confidence‚ easy maintenance and more – for many years‚ perhaps the rest of your life.

An End To The Cycle Of Frustration And Pain

Please understand that there are many whole arch restorations available – and not all are of equal quality. With so many choices for you and Dr. Woods to consider together‚ it’s essential that you understand the massive differences in outcomes of each of these treatments‚ something we will explain to you as we help you make your final decision. At other dental clinics in the San Diego area‚ you might not realize the limitations of the full arch restoration solution you’ve chosen until you’re in the middle of the treatment and restoration process‚ too late to turn back.

We’ve encountered many former patients of other dentists who didn’t know what they were sacrificing or committing to when they chose a different solution. They came to us with the hope of righting the situation‚ and in many cases we’ve been able to confidently recommend Hybridge and finally restore their smile and function.

With so many restoration options on the market‚ we can’t list the pros and cons of each one‚ but we can tell you these benefits of Hybridge:

  • Hybridge is designed to be long–lasting‚ not designed to be replaced.
  • Hybridge is supported on 5 to 6 implants per section‚ not an array of expensive individual implants and not unsupported like dentures.
  • Hybridge restoration can be completed in as little as 2 weeks if your teeth have already been removed and there is no disease present.
  • Hybridge is more affordable over the long term that most other full arch restoration solutions.

When you select Hybridge‚ you’re selecting a high–quality implant–mounted arch made of acrylic over metal or Zirconia‚ depending on the product you choose. And you’re never alone in the decision–making process. Contact us now at Brighton Dental in San Diego for your Hybridge consultation. If this solution doesn’t work for you‚ we have others to offer.

Dr. Paige Woods is an expert at finding the right solution for every dental and oral health issues – and we never leave anyone without options for a brighter‚ healthier smile and better quality of life. Why not reach out to us now and get started on your better life?