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Is It Safe To Come To Our Dental Office During The Coronavirus?

Our dental office has always been clean‚ well–managed and adaptable. Depend on us to follow the CDC’s Infection Control Guidelines for Dental Practices and more.

When you see Dr. Paige Woods in the next few weeks or months‚ you’ll notice a few differences:

  • We may call in advance to get dental about the reason for your visit to speed things along.
  • You may be able to wait in your car and avoid the waiting room.
  • We will check your temperatures when you enter. (We check all staff members too.)
  • Every touchable surface is sanitized between patients – just in case.
  • We may have you rinse with mouthwash or peroxide at the beginning of your visit to kill germs.
  • Masks‚ social distancing and hand sanitizer are the order of the day for a while.

Is It Safe To Come To Our Dental Office During The Coronavirus?

Is Dr. Paige Woods Open?

Dr. Paige Woods and Brighton Dental are open as allowed by current governmental orders. You can schedule your safe‚ friendly and gentle appointment for preventative care by reaching out to us. For dental urgent dental issues‚ we recommending calling and arranging to see us rather than visiting an ER or urgent care center if it isn’t a true emergency. As recommended by the American Dental Association‚ we urge you to leave urgent care and emergency room capacity for coronavirus patients and those seeking help for other critical care needs that cannot be met by a dentist.

We understand that the COVID-19 virus is unpredictable and experiences surges in certain areas at unexpected times. That means we cannot say for sure that we will be open on a certain date because of the possibility of new state or federal requirements or guidelines. We can‚ however‚ schedule an appointment for you and do our best to keep the appointment and meet your needs. Why not reach out to us now?