Pocket Reduction Surgery (Prevention & Treatment)

If gum disease is left to continue for too long without any intervention, which is often the case in many patients because they do not even realize that they have gum disease, then eventually the bacteria will eat away at the gum itself and start to leave little pockets. Too tiny at first to be seen by the human eye, eventually these pockets will get so large that bits of food will start to get stuck in them, rotting and causing not only a horrible stench, but even more bacteria and decay, which will only accelerate the gum disease – and eventually lead to tooth decay and eventually a tooth to fall out. One easy way to prevent this from happening is to be vigilant about checking for gum disease, but if it is too late for that then you need to consider pocket reduction surgery.

Pocket reduction surgery is a very simple procedure which closes up the gaps in your gums where the pockets have developed, making sure that the gum area is completely clean of any debris or decay before they do so. When your dentist has suggested the pocket reduction surgery they will take an x-ray of your mouth and jawline to see the full extent of the damage. Some people will want to be under a local anaesthetic and some under a general: it is up to you. The surgery is undertaken as an outpatient, and although your gums will be more sensitive after the surgery, you will soon start to notice a huge difference.

For the best possible care in pocket reduction San Diego dentist Dr Paige Woods can help you. Her years of experience will quickly show in her consultation and advice, and if you decide that you want to go ahead with the pocket reduction surgery then there is no one better to take care of you and help you to improve the health of your smile.

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