New Dental Tech – Laser Cavity Detection

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Many of us care for our bodies very well . . . until it comes to our teeth! We don’t give our teeth and gums much of a priority even though the longer there is a problem, the more costly it can be to heal it. By visiting a dentist regularly, your teeth can be cared for and any major dental problems prevented. A dentist will analyse your teeth by using a clever piece of technology called a DIAGNOdent laser, which has been designed to detect tooth decay before any visible signs have occurred. After all, tooth decay can happen to anyone, and it can often start from the inside out so it is impossible to see with the naked eye.

To prevent decay from destroying their patients’ teeth before they realize, dentists use the DIAGNOdent laser to see inside the tooth. It uses a special laser, and depending on the way that the light moves, the dentist can assess whether there is internal damage. This is a popular diagnosis model, as it is completely painless! There is no way that it can harm the patient, and as it is a simple tool the dentist can concentrate 100% on the patient rather than operating a complicated bit of equipment.

The DIAGNOdent is just one of the clever pieces of dental technology that dentists are using these days to support their patients in their drive to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Understanding exactly how much decay is inside our teeth is one of the missing pieces of the puzzle, and now thanks to this innovative technology, we are able to know without using something as unwieldly like an x-ray just how a patient is doing. Laser cavity detection is no longer just a pipe dream of the future.

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