What You Need To Know About Crown Lengthening

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How Crown Lengthening Can Help Your Smile

If you’re suffering from discolored, sensitive, or broken teeth, you might feel a little self-conscious about your smile. However, thanks to crown lengthening, your natural smile can instantly be brought back and given a beautiful look. This article will explain more what crown lengthening is and how it can improve your smile.

What is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a special dental procedure that requires a dentist to remove part of your gum to help expose more of your tooth. This surgery is done to help correct a problematic tooth so it can be topped with a crown to help strengthen it. This procedure is usually recommended for people who have broken, uneven, or rotting teeth.

How a Crown Lengthening Procedure is Done

The first step to a crown lengthening procedure is to get the area inspected by a dentist so they can see what needs to be done. Then, after cleaning and sanitizing your mouth, you will be put under a light anesthesia so there’s no pain when the procedure is done. The dentist will then use special tools to help remove part of the gum so more of the tooth can be exposed and then place a crown on top of that tooth.

After the surgery is done, it will take a few months for results to start to show. You might also feel a little bit of sensitivity and swelling, but this is normal as your mouth is trying to adapt to the procedure.

Things to Keep in Mind

After a crown lengthening procedure is completed you might start to experience a little bit of discomfort. This is completely normal and you might have a bit of swelling which can be calmed with an ice bag. Eventually, the area operated on will heal and any discomfort will cease.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that infections are very common after this operation. Because of this, you’ll want to pay close attention to the operated area and ensure that you keep your dentist up-to-date on your recovery so they can alert you if any problems might be evident.

The Benefits of Crown Lengthening

While this is a very intricate procedure that has a few side effects, crown lengthening also has quite a few benefits. One is that this surgery only has to be done once which means you don’t need to keep going back to the dentist for more treatments or operations. The surgery is also very quick and lasts no more than an hour so you won’t be under anesthesia for a long time. Crown lengthening also helps to give your smile a more even look which can help to improve it. In addition to all this, it can also help to improve oral health because it prevents harmful bacteria from spreading in your mouth due to rotting teeth.


Crown lengthening is a surgery that can help to fix many dental problems so you can have a symmetrical and more beautiful smile. While it requires you to go through surgery, it’s a simple procedure that can give you amazing results.

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