Metal-Free Removable Partials Are A Reality!

removable partial denturesAs a biocompatible dental office, we try to use only materials in our dental restorations that are inert and totally safe. While metal-based removable partials have proven to cause very few safety issues, we still don’t like the idea of patients using metal dental devices – especially if they don’t have to.

At Brighton Dental in San Diego, Dr. Paige Woods offers a remarkable, innovative and long-lasting metal-free removal partial that could be the right solution for you. Keep reading to learn more about the latest innovation: Ultaire AKP removable partial dentures.

A New Polymer Changes Everything

Most partials for long-term use are made over a metal framework for rigidity, durability and stability. But that’s no longer necessary. As patients of biological dentists like Dr. Woods have become more aware of the potential for allergies, metal tastes and toxicity concerns with metal, they have become proactive in asking for natural-looking, comfortable and beautiful partials that don’t contain metal.

An Ultaire AKP removable partial denture is made with a remarkable aryl ketone polymer previously unavailable in dental partials that’s:

  • Non-irritating
  • Great looking
  • Lightweight
  • Metal-free, and therefore

It’s a smart alternative to traditional metal removable partial denture frames that satisfies demanding patients while successfully meeting industry standards and the high standards of biological, holistic dental practices like ours.

The polymer material weighs in at about 60 percent less than metal, has no unsightly metal clasps that people may be able to see, gives off no funny tastes and is non-corrosive. And the finished product can last 10 years or more with normal insertion, use and removal, making it something you can proudly and easily use for years to come.

From A Company With Experience

Good dentistry is a combined effort. It starts with a patient willing to properly take care of their teeth and any partials or other devices necessary for a healthy, functional bite and beautiful smile. Also important to the process is a proactive, conservative-minded dentist who will do what it takes – but as little as it takes and no more – to maintain and restore the health and beauty of a patient’s mouth. As a holistic dental clinic, we believe good oral health is part of being a healthy person overall.

When a dental device or appliance is necessary, it needs to come from a good company. Ultaire AKP removable partial dentures are custom-made to the precise specifications we provide by a respected dental lab using a polymer product from Solvay, a newcomer in dentistry with a long and broad portfolio of healthcare polymers used around the world. These polymer products include more than 35 brands and more than 1,500 formulations, each intended to replace a product or device that would have previously been metal. The company has more than 25 years experience in health care.

Available Now At Brighton Dental

At our holistic, biocompatible dental practice, we’ve been looking for years for a better material than metal for removable partial dentures, and Ultaire AKP is a solution that would not be possible without advances in polymers – the joining together of small molecules into larger ones to form specific kind of plastics and related materials.

If you believe a partial is in your future, are concerned about the usage of metal in your current partial, don’t like those ugly metal clasps or use a metal or flexible partial that doesn’t fit well, our team at Brighton Dental in San Diego can help. We have a range of solutions that may work for you, including innovative Ultaire AKP removable partial dentures, a modern solution that replaces a problematic old one.

Contact us now for your dental and oral health assessment, and let us formulate a program that will have you eating, smiling and feeling better than ever.


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