Homeopathic Remedies Enhance Comfort And Safety During Root Canals And Implants

For many of our patients, we offer homeopathic remedies which are both safe and very effective, combining them with traditional treatments for your dental health issues. We work using the law of similars, just as health professionals have done since the 1800s in order to treat a variety of health issues.

Homeopathic Tablets

Homeopathic Tablets

Many people believe that the use of homeopathic remedies goes a lot further back that the writings that we are aware of from the 1800s – perhaps even as far back as history itself. From our own experience, we know that when taken at the right time, these homeopathic remedies can make a real difference to the infection, swelling, bruising, pain, and other side effects when a patient receives an implant or root canal.

A Wide World Of Homeopathic Options

Our recommendation for root canals and dental implants are alpha lipoic, which is a very powerful antioxidant, and two other choices that are taken three times a day until they are not necessary any more. Arnica is also a great choice, because of its ability to lessen swelling and bruising, and reduce pain in the nerves. It is chosen by health professionals of all specialities for these reasons.

Some dentists also use the following remedies:

  • Hypericum: for nerve pain and used after surgery, as well as those who have dentures
  • MyristricaSebifera: when taken before surgery, can prevent nerve abscesses
  • Belladonna: used in situations of inflammation and throbbing
  • FerrumPhos: perfect for bleeding after surgery if gauze is not working
  • HeparSulphurisCalcareum: used for dental abscesses in their early stages, especially when there is pus or bleeding gums
  • Silicea: used in the drainage of pus
  • Myristica: commonly used for wisdom teeth, or any other swelling and numbness
  • Ledum: often chosen for dental injections to help with the trauma
  • Staphysagria: soft tissue and gum problems can be greatly helped with this
  • Apismemifica: burning pains and sudden swelling are the uses for this

As well as many others. Simplicity is key within our practice, and thanks to our years of experience with homeopathic remedies, we like to introduce them to our patients to help their healing process.

Prefer Modern Medicine?

There will be some patients, and you could be among them, that question us about whether homeopathic treatments actually work – and we welcome such questions. Using homeopathic remedies is not compulsory, and if you do not wish to use it, that is your choice. We choose to offer it because of the evidence of the last two hundred years from patients, dentists, and doctors, and so we believe that we would be failing in patient care if we did not offer it.

That does not mean that we seek to replace traditional treatments with homeopathic remedies; instead, we use them together. The latest procedures and most modern technology is used to make surgeries less painful and invasive, and by bringing homeopathy and Eastern medicine together with this modern understanding, this gives us the most choices when it comes to helping our patients get the healthy and happy teeth that they deserve. Every patient is different, and every patient will choose a different treatment path to help them get there.

To see how homeopathics can improve your dental experience, call (619) 359-6569 for a free consultation.


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