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The first time that you visit a new dentist, they will want to ensure that they have a full understanding of your teeth. After all, every person is different, and has a different dental history and make up. This is called a complete dental exam, and will be a comprehensive look at almost every aspect of your teeth, jaw, and gums. After you have received this, you will then have a normal or regular check up every six to twelve months to see how things are developing. This regular check up will vary from person to person, but will often include:

  1. An x-ray to diagnose any cysts, decay, tumors, or bone loss. It may also be useful for your dentist for tooth positioning.
  2. A visual examination for any oral cancer, which your dentist will look for in your face, neck, gums, tongue, and many other places.
  3. A check for gum disease across your bone and gum to ensure that everything is healthy.
  4. Previous restoration work to make sure that any dental work that has been already undertaken has not cracked or become infected.

Professional dental cleansing may sound complicated, but it is incredibly beneficial for you. A hygienist carries it out in a short amount of time, and removes tartar, removes plaque, and polishes your teeth. Although these tasks can be carried out while brushing, you will simply not be able to achieve the same results as a professional. If you do not get your teeth professional cleaned regularly then you could risks leaving tartar and plaque on your teeth for long periods of time, which would allow bacteria and other decay to set up shop in your mouth, leading to greater dental problems down the line. This is why dental exams and cleanings are so important.

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