Our ‘Gentle Dental’ Protocol

Brighton dental & Dr. Paige Woods have become well known for what she calls the Gentle Dental Protocol (shortened to just gentle dental), which aims to make sure that their patients experience the minimum of discomfort during their treatments. This involves the use of five different techniques, all of which are used for all patients, and they have proved to be very successful:

Diagnodent Laser Diagnostic Wand

Laser Diagnostic Wand

  1. Laser diagnostics. This small tool that can be held in the palm of your hand is used by the dentist in order to find out whether or not a filling is required, in a completely safe and non-invasive manner.
  2. Micro-abrasions. Cutting edge technology has been introduced by this technique, which removes decay using air, without the need for drilling or inflicting pain in that way. As the laser diagnositics has given the dentist an exact map of what needs to be done, the absolute minimum required is performed with no pain.
  3. Double anaesthic. The first round of anaesthic is topical, which is standard practice, but the second round of anesthetic is pH nuetralising, which ensures that the body is ready for the surgery or whatever it is that the dentist is going to perform.
  4. Low speed, cool drilling.Many people are unaware that the reason they feel pain from drilling is not due to the drill itself, but the heat that it causes. That is why the dentist uses a special electric drill which is used at a much lower rpm, which removes the heat that in turn, removes the pain.
  5. Patient control. Used to put patients at complete ease, patient control means that whenever a patient becomes uncomfortable they can raise their hand – and this immediately stops the procedure. This gives patients confidence and reassurance that nothing will happen until they are ready.

This gentle dental approach means that patients can easily receive treatment from the dentist without experiencing the pain and discomfort that they would have experienced if they had gone to see a different dentist.

To experience the gentle dental treatment, call (619) 359-6569 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paige Woods.

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