Senior with denturesDentures are a big decision, which is why I love it when my patients come and talk to me about their thoughts, concerns, and queries. I’m a holistic dentist, which means that I focus on the overall wellbeing of my patient as well as the individual dental issues that they have – and I want to make sure that anyone who has dentures also improves their speech, looks, and comfort, not just their biological chewing. I do this by taking a lot of measurements and analysis of your face, so I can make dentures that perfectly fit you, and no one else.

Why Is Dr. Paige Woods The Right Choice?

I have dedicated my life to the care of teeth and gums. That means that everything I do is in your best interests. I don’t have a particular ‘favourite’ treatment or think that only one is ever going to work; I know that everyone is different, and will need a different approach to the care of their teeth.

When it comes to dentures, I work hard to give you your natural smile back, make sure that you can chew and swallow with ease, and I make comfort a priority so you can almost forget that you are wearing them.

What Kinds Of Dentures Are Available?

There are two kinds of dentures out there, and so you can decide which is the right sort depending on what you are looking for. Complete dentures are usually given when a patient has none of their original teeth, and partial dentures are given when a patient has some of their natural teeth still left. Having a set of partial dentures will also stop those remaining teeth from moving.

woman holding denturesJust to make things a little more interesting, you can also choose conventional or immediate installation for complete dentures. Conventional means that you will have your dentures made for you after you have had all of your teeth removed, which means around six weeks without any teeth whatsoever. Immediate installation, on the other hand, is when you have your dentures made for you in advance, and can be placed in your mouth as soon as you have your teeth removed.

Are Denture Alternatives Available?

There really is only one alternative to dentures, and that is a dental implant, used to support other crowns and bridges. However, a permanent bridge attached to implants is a much more expensive procedure, giving the feeling of real teeth. If you do not get accustomed to the feeling of your dentures and want another option, this is the best sort – but not everyone is a suitable candidate for implants. Come and see me if you are interested, and we can have a look at your teeth and gums and see whether it is possible for you.

Are Dentures Covered By Dental Insurance?

For most people, their dental insurance actually covers some if not all of the cost of dentures – and if you get in touch with my office, I can talk you through exactly how your insurance company and I can work together.

What Are The Steps Involved In Getting Dentures?

You and I will have three appointments together, usually over a period of three to six weeks, in order to create your dentures to precisely your mouth and gums. This process involves:

  • Making molds and impressions of your jaw, mouth, and any remaining teeth
  • Creating models and wax projections of what your teeth and dentures will look like
  • Trying on the model in order to see whether we have got a good shape, color, and fit
  • Deciding on the right measurements, and then making those dentures for you
  • Adjusting for the final fit

Dentures have come a long way in the last decade, and in many cases no one will be able to tell that you are wearing them at all. Come and have a chat with me about your thoughts on dentures, so we can create the best possible teeth for you. Call (619) 359-6569 to make your appointment.


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