Dental Health when you have Lyme Disease

Dental X-RayWhen you receive a diagnosis of Lyme Disease, you can be sure that your health will never quite be the same again. From now on, every diagnosis has something that little more complex, every medication that you take could have a slightly different outcome, and you can to take a lot more into consideration when you are offered food when you’re out and about! The important thing to do is ensure that you do everything you can to keep yourself as healthy as possible, and one key factor that many ignore is your dental health. This is something that Dr Paige Woods, a dentist based at Brighton Dental, is working hard to combat.

Many people do not realize that their Lyme Disease can be completely altered if their body is fighting any other infections, and so it is very important to try and prevent any infections from getting into your body. People can be very good at keeping themselves warm and wrapped up in winter, and making sure that they do not go anywhere near sick people, but then they don’t even brush their teeth before they go to bed! There can be millions of different types of bacteria living in a person’s mouth if they are not taking care of their dental health, and any of these can become full blown infections that really make your Lyme Disease worse.

Dr Paige Woods has some simple advice for people who have Lyme Disease and want to make sure that they keep their dental health a priority as they focus on their health: brush your teeth for three minutes twice a day, use a mouthwash, and ensure that you visit your dentist twice a year for a check up. Your dentist is going to be your best ally when it comes to fighting your Lyme Disease, so it is vital that you see them often.

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