Is A Dental Bridge Your Best Option?

If you are looking to learn about dental bridges San Diego is the best place to go, as the dentists there are true experts in this highly specialized field. You’ve probably been told about dental bridges because you have missing teeth: a dental bridge is a dental treatment that is a false tooth, often made of porcelain so that it will look exactly like the rest of your teeth, fitted into your mouth by ‘holding on’ to the teeth that are either side of the gap with crowns. These act as an anchor so that the dental bridge does not move around when you talk and eat.

Many people are good candidates for having a dental bridge, and they include people who have missing teeth, problems speaking or chewing, a smile that you are embarrassed about because of your gap, or an old fashioned and slightly out of date partial bridge that really isn’t doing its job properly anymore. Having a dental bridge fitted is a lot simpler than many people would think: you just need two dental appointments, and in the first one you’ll have a mold or cast made of your teeth so that the dental lab can make an absolutely perfectly fitting dental bridge for you. At the second appointment, the dental bridge will be glued in using special medical glue, and then your dentist will check to see whether the fit is right by asking you to talk or mimic chewing. It really is that simple.

For those who really care for their dental bridge they can last for almost a decade – as long as you are having regular checks with a San Diego dental bridges expert, like Dr. Paige Woods. Why not see whether a dental bridge could solve your dental problems?

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