Convenient, Same Day Dental Implants

same day implants


Instant Dental Implants Described

Some progressive dentists, inclined towards innovation and technological advancement, have come up with ways through which people receive treatment from dentists.  For many decades dental implants have been an option of dental treatment that consumes not less than two appointments with the dentist. To some people the wait is not long. To others, however, the wait is tedious and it would be quite helpful for them to get the entire process completed within one sitting or one appointment with their dentist. People who live far from where the dentist is located or the people with children or busy work schedules may not have the luxury of waiting.

It is for such instances that instant dental implants are meant. For the people looking to shift from their temporary dentures into permanent dentures it is now much more convenient, less painful, and less invasive for them with the new technology and available alternatives. A patient can walk into the dentist’s premises with a set of natural teeth and walk out of the premises with another set.

Benefits involved

The most important benefit is the ability of a patient to recover faster and return to their normal routines faster. It is a quick alternative to regaining a comprehensive appearance after losing some teeth. Where a person undergoes conventional treatment for tooth restoration using dental implants, they have to wait months before they can regain their initial appearance. With instant implants, however, a patient can regain their appearance in the space of a few hours. It doesn’t just entail regaining the appropriate facial shape but also helps to avoid humiliation in social spaces, offices, or during parties.

Risk involved with instant implants

Even though instant implants have numerous benefits, there are some risks involved. The primary risk is the failure of implants. Instant dental implants take less time to complete the entire dental implant process. Conventional implants take longer – between two to seven months. The dentist has to wait for the appropriate time until the jawbone and screw get perfectly aligned and the bone has time to grow normally around the tooth root. This waiting time allows the bone and root to develop solid ties. Instant implants do not have this process. There is little bonding between bone and the screw. The entire process suffers the risk of failing in the future. Instant implants do not allow time for the bone to get in shape in order to carry the new teeth. Through the process of healing, the new implants might fall off. The shape of the face might get altered hence requiring an operation to regain the original facial appearance.

Instant versus traditional dental implants

Instant implants use four implants for every arch on the lower and upper jaw. The conventional implant will use between six and eight implants or even more for every arch. In both instances the implants are placed at an angled position to allow increased contact through dependence on natural bone support. The instant dental implant procedure will often not require bone grafting. Conventional implants often entail bone grafting. Instant dental implants will hence save time, money, and discomfort.

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