Cavitations and Lyme Disease

X-ray Cavity

Most people know cavitations as cavities, but they are basically the same thing: a hole in a tooth where decay has got in, and it always needs to be sorted by a dentist. Although many people will experience having a cavitation at some point in their lives, there are some people who are much more predisposed to having them, and people with Lyme Disease definitely fall into that category. It is very possible that someone with Lyme Disease could suffer from three or more cavitations during their lifetime, and in some cases the individual will have them all at the same time.

At Brighton Dental, every dentist there is fully trained to be able to support, diagnose, and treat a patient who has a cavity, and Dr Paige Woods in particular takes an interest in helping those patients who have Lyme Disease. This is because she knows that cavitations are hugely problematic for the immune system, which is something that anyone with Lyme Disease is going to be particularly concerned about. Their health is greatly affected by things such as cavitations and so they may also have symptoms and side effects of the cavitation which they are not even are aware are really connected.

The best thing for someone with Lyme Disease to do is make sure that you go and have a dental check up every year, or even every six months if you want to make sure that you do not have a cavitation developing. The quicker that you can have an expert such as Dr Paige Woods look at your teeth and detect a cavitation, the less damage will be done to your teeth and immune system, and the sooner the treatment plan can be put into place – essential for anyone also battling with Lyme Disease.

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