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We Can Help You Heal Faster From Implants, Extractions And Surgery With Remarkable PRF Therapy

Perhaps you’re already convinced that we’re the best dental clinic for you. Or perhaps you’re not. Either way, we believe we can help any dental patient look, feel and function better – and that includes you. If you need an extraction, implant or dental surgery and are concerned about pain or slow healing, we can offer you something innovative and remarkable: PRF therapy.

Read on and you’ll learn more about how PRF – that is, Platelet Rich Fibrin – is making life better for dental patients who choose Brighton Dental in San Diego and Dr. Paige Woods.


PRF Makes Things Better

prf dental unitPRF is a natural, biocompatible, non-allergenic product that’s made from your own blood – so you won’t have a negative reaction to it. We draw a small amount of blood, spin it in a centrifuge into its components and bring out the fibrin – which is a substance that that’s already in your body to aid in healing. By refining your blood in this way, we create a concentrated fibrin product that we can put exactly where it’s needed.

How can PRF be used? At Brighton Dental, we have successfully used PRF therapy to:

  • Promote rapid healing of extractions
  • Help with osseointegration and soft tissue healing around dental implants
  • Speed recovery from reconstructive work, and
  • Assist with integration and success of bone grafts.

And our PRF unit doesn’t use bovine thrombin or chemical additives of any kind.


Learn What Everyone’s Talking About

You may have already heard about PRF therapy because it’s being discussed with regard to complex medical procedures, cosmetic enhancements and a wide range of medical, dental and plastic surgery procedures. Platelet rich fibrin therapy improves healing, supports the immune system and can help you heal quicker and better with fewer post-operative complications.

But what is fibrin? As you may know, your blood is actually clear. The red color comes from red blood cells. Blood also contains platelets, small cells that stop bleeding and promote healing. A French surgeon discovered that patients can recover quicker from surgeries when platelet-rich fibrin – a naturally occurring fibrous mesh – is applied directly to a surgical site.

The body would eventually get these healing components to the site anyway, but refining it from your blood and placing it directly at the site speeds up the process and therefore speeds healing. Plus, much more of the fibrin can be added in this way than the body would eventually use on its own to heal the site.

PRF therapy also includes growth factors from your own body – the so-called signaling molecules that help cells know what work needs to be done in a certain area. Both hard and soft tissue responds to this kind direct help in getting the right molecules to a surgical site, extraction site or dental implant.


Nothing’s More Biocompatible

We spend a lot of time making sure the materials we use in and on your mouth are biocompatible, and nothing is more biocompatible than something made from your own body – from a small sample of your own blood in the case of PRF. There’s nothing added, no chemicals needs and no worries because a centrifuge does all the work. What could be simpler or better?

At Brighton Dental, scores of San Diego dental patients and people from everywhere turn to us for holistic, biocompatible, sensible and gentle dental work – because they trust us. PRF is another trusted way of doing dental work better than ever before, and we fully embrace it at this San Diego dental practice. To learn more about PRF therapy, contact us now at 619-359-6569 to schedule your consultation.


Clearer And In 3D: New Technology Lets Us Diagnose Better Than Ever

Thanks to new technology in use by Dr. Paige Woods and the holistic dental team at Brighton Dental, we can now see a clearer image of your teeth than ever before and examine your mouth slice by slice – just like with a medical CT scan but at a fraction of the cost and with very little radiation.

When a traditional x-ray doesn’t tell the whole story, we can now use Cone Beam 3D Imaging – also called Cone Beam Computed Tomography or simply CBCT – to see a clear picture in amazing detail. That means we can be even more certain of the options we offer to you. And you can be more confident in our ability to help you without pain, hassles or wasting your time.

Want to learn more about what we can see during the 15-second scan? Keep reading.


Details, Details, Details

With CBCT, we can see your mouth and the nearby structures in your head in 3D and in incredible detail. While the scan takes only seconds, we can see your teeth in cross-section, see spacing issues of concern better than before and even note how your jaw, sinuses and nerve bundles interact with your teeth.

Traditional bite-wing x-rays are great, but what we can see is limited. Panoramic radiographs give us a more complete picture, but both show only 2 dimensions – that is, a flat image. Cone Beam 3D Imaging adds a revolutionary new dimension to what we can see while showing details in clarity greater than we had available in the past. For the first time, we can see distortion-free 3D details of spatial relationships related to the teeth, jaw and other head and face structures.

Plus, we can see cross-sections of any teeth we choose, something never possible before. If you think of a combination of the overall picture provided by a panoramic dental x-ray with the detail and dimension available from a medical CT scan, then you’re starting to understand this new 3D imaging machine at Brighton Dental in San Diego.



How Cone Beam 3D Imaging Works

Using a special CBCT machine, Cone Beam 3D Imaging allows us to send totally safe, very low-power x-rays to the specific area we want see, the mouth. This radiation is sent in a divergent cone pattern that fans out, not in a single narrow column. The data is received by a sensor attached to a computer. Using special algorithms designed just for this system, the computer generates a unique 3D image that we can see on a monitor. We can rotate this image, seeing all sides of your teeth and related structures. And we can look at individual slices to see problems within teeth.

Using all this information, we can make an accurate diagnosis – which leads to an excellent treatment plan and the best possible outcome for you. There’s no other way we can see a cross-section of a tooth or a 3D image of your mouth.


Easy For Everyone

Perhaps the best thing about Cone Beam 3D Imaging is how easy it is. It only takes 15 seconds and is performed much like a panoramic x-ray. You just have to remove all metal, including hairpins, hearing aids and removable bridges.

Dental insurance usually doesn’t cover this kind of scan, but it’s much more affordable than a medical CT scan. We’ll make the process easy for you and file paperwork with your insurance company if necessary.

When used in situations where traditional 2D x-rays don’t show all we need to see, this remarkable new type of 3D imagining lets us see your oral and dental health in a new way – so we can help you in the best ways possible. Isn’t technology amazing?



Metal-Free Removable Partials Are A Reality!

removable partial denturesAs a biocompatible dental office, we try to use only materials in our dental restorations that are inert and totally safe. While metal-based removable partials have proven to cause very few safety issues, we still don’t like the idea of patients using metal dental devices – especially if they don’t have to.

At Brighton Dental in San Diego, Dr. Paige Woods offers a remarkable, innovative and long-lasting metal-free removal partial that could be the right solution for you. Keep reading to learn more about the latest innovation: Ultaire AKP removable partial dentures.

A New Polymer Changes Everything

Most partials for long-term use are made over a metal framework for rigidity, durability and stability. But that’s no longer necessary. As patients of biological dentists like Dr. Woods have become more aware of the potential for allergies, metal tastes and toxicity concerns with metal, they have become proactive in asking for natural-looking, comfortable and beautiful partials that don’t contain metal.

An Ultaire AKP removable partial denture is made with a remarkable aryl ketone polymer previously unavailable in dental partials that’s:

  • Non-irritating
  • Great looking
  • Lightweight
  • Metal-free, and therefore

It’s a smart alternative to traditional metal removable partial denture frames that satisfies demanding patients while successfully meeting industry standards and the high standards of biological, holistic dental practices like ours.

The polymer material weighs in at about 60 percent less than metal, has no unsightly metal clasps that people may be able to see, gives off no funny tastes and is non-corrosive. And the finished product can last 10 years or more with normal insertion, use and removal, making it something you can proudly and easily use for years to come.

From A Company With Experience

Good dentistry is a combined effort. It starts with a patient willing to properly take care of their teeth and any partials or other devices necessary for a healthy, functional bite and beautiful smile. Also important to the process is a proactive, conservative-minded dentist who will do what it takes – but as little as it takes and no more – to maintain and restore the health and beauty of a patient’s mouth. As a holistic dental clinic, we believe good oral health is part of being a healthy person overall.

When a dental device or appliance is necessary, it needs to come from a good company. Ultaire AKP removable partial dentures are custom-made to the precise specifications we provide by a respected dental lab using a polymer product from Solvay, a newcomer in dentistry with a long and broad portfolio of healthcare polymers used around the world. These polymer products include more than 35 brands and more than 1,500 formulations, each intended to replace a product or device that would have previously been metal. The company has more than 25 years experience in health care.

Available Now At Brighton Dental

At our holistic, biocompatible dental practice, we’ve been looking for years for a better material than metal for removable partial dentures, and Ultaire AKP is a solution that would not be possible without advances in polymers – the joining together of small molecules into larger ones to form specific kind of plastics and related materials.

If you believe a partial is in your future, are concerned about the usage of metal in your current partial, don’t like those ugly metal clasps or use a metal or flexible partial that doesn’t fit well, our team at Brighton Dental in San Diego can help. We have a range of solutions that may work for you, including innovative Ultaire AKP removable partial dentures, a modern solution that replaces a problematic old one.

Contact us now for your dental and oral health assessment, and let us formulate a program that will have you eating, smiling and feeling better than ever.


Brushing, Chewing Release Harmful Mercury Vapor From Amalgam Fillings, Experiment Proves

Some dental experts argue that when you mix toxic mercury with silver and other ingredients, it becomes a completely safe and stable dental restoration material. For decades, this material – called amalgam – has been used in fillings. Now, this Civil War era restoration material is shunned by many dentists, but lots of people still have dangerous mercury in their mouths – and it needs to be removed, as an experiment on the Dr. Oz show proves.

Mercury is a neurotoxin, and that’s why mercury-containing fillings are banned in some countries. In the United States, however, mercury amalgam is still allowed. But it shouldn’t be.

For dental patients unlucky enough to have silver-colored fillings, they could be the source of untold health problems. The solution is to remove these fillings and replace them with composite material or other restorations – something Dr. Paige Woods at Brighton Dental San Diego does for her patients under strict protocols designed to prevent additional harm.

Dr. Oz Steps In Where The ADA Won’t

Aside from damaging your own health with mercury-containing fillings, you’re releasing mercury into the atmosphere every time you brush, chew, grind your teeth or consume acidic beverages if you have silver fillings. Atmospheric mercury becomes methylmercury that contaminates fish. And consider how much mercury is released by dentists who still use amalgam in large quantities or dispose of old amalgam improperly.

Still, the American Dental Association advocates the use of dental amalgams, failing to acknowledge the problems or risks. In a recent survey, researchers found that as many as half of American dentists still use mercury amalgam.

On the Dr. Oz television program, Dr. Mehmet Oz participated in an experiment that proves the harmfulness of mercury fillings. Working with his hands inside a closed container with special air filtration and wearing heavy gloves, Dr. Oz used an ordinary toothbrush to brush for only a few seconds on some amalgam installed in a mouth replica. This quick brushing released 61 micrograms of mercury. If the mouth had been real, that mercury vapor could have crossed the blood-brain barrier and caused its neurological effects.

Take a look at the video. The experiment begins about 2 minutes in:

And people with mercury amalgam fillings brush, crew, grind and consume carbonated beverages every day. Interestingly, most of those who tried to refute the findings of the experiment admit that mercury vapor is released daily from amalgam, they just dispute how much harm it causes patients. But why not use dental composite – just as strong and better looking – instead?

While mercury vapor won’t instantly kill you, imagine the cumulative effect over time of having a neurotoxin installed in your body. You may question the credentials of Dr. Oz to perform dentistry experiments, but remember that the demonstration for his television show was based on laboratory demos. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is among organizations that have made similar findings.

Put An End To A Personal Health Disaster

The Dr. Oz video very effectively demonstrates the dangers of having amalgam fillings. You can eliminate the release of colorless, odorless, tasteless and poisonous vapors into your body and into the environment by having Dr. Paige Woods replace your amalgam fillings with composite. Amalgam filling removal is one of the primary reasons people from across Southern California turn to Brighton Dental San Diego.

Stop the potential damage to your health and benefit from beautiful, tooth-colored composite fillings and other cosmetically pleasing restorations when you turn to Brighton and Dr. Woods.

Amalgam filling material is shipped to dental offices as hazardous material. It’s disposed of as hazardous waste. So why would anyone think it’s safe to have in your mouth? Call (619) 359-6569 to schedule your appointment.

The Dental Wand (A Tool For Painless Dentistry)

Dental Wand (Painless Treatment)Although there isn’t a magic wand that a dentist can simply wave and magically transform your teeth into white, straight, healthy teeth, there is something called a Dental Wand that can do something pretty incredible! The scientific name for it is the CompuDent and Single Tooth Anesthesia System, but many dentists have taken to calling it the Dental Wand because of the way that it looks, and the clever way that it can completely transform a dental appointment with just a small amount of movement! It is a special computer that can inject dental liquids in a completely controlled manner – far more controlled than a dentist would be able to do by hand. The stream is slow and steady, so the patient can completely relax knowing that there aren’t going to be any sudden spurts or gushes going into their mouth.

So why is this any better? Well, whenever you come into contact with a needle – whether you are getting blood taken, getting your ears pierced, or having a flu jab – the pain that you feel isn’t actually the needle, it is the reaction that your body makes when something new is forced into your body really quickly. It reacts thinking that it is being attacked, and so if we were able to inject something steadily and slowly then there would not be any pain. That is where the Dental Wand comes in: its clever control means that truly painless dentistry is right there before you – and the designers have even made sure that it does not look frightening by making it look more like a pen than a syringe.

Dentists up and down the country are now preferring to use the Dental Wand over any other method, and their patients love it too. Just wave the magic wand!

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

emergency dental painIf you think that you are having a dental emergency, the most important thing to do is remain calm. You will be much better able to make a good decision if you are staying calm. Chances are, if you think that you need to see a dentist, you need to see a dentist – and as it is always better safe than sorry, we would recommend that you either go to the ER or ring an emergency dentist and book an immediate appointment. This includes lingering and excruciating toothaches as they can often be smaller symptoms of a deeper problem. If it has continued for longer than three days, then it is best to chat to an emergency dentist about it. After all, they could say that it’s nothing, in which case you haven’t lost anything – or they could find something that needs immediate treatment.

For those of you who chip their teeth but do not experience any pain, that is more than enough of a reason to go and see your dentist. Pain is not always the only symptom that you need to experience in order to see a dentist, and when you have chipped a tooth it is all too easy to get dirt and bacteria into the tooth itself, damaging it from the inside out. It may even be possible at an early stage to have the chip replaced or cosmetically improved, so the sooner that you go and see a dentist, the better. The same thing goes for a broken or cracked tooth; it may not feel like an emergency to you, but the sooner that you can ensure that there is not a deeper problem, the better.

Whether a tooth is loose or fallen out, cracked or chipped, or you just feel as though something is not right – it is always better go to a dentist and hear that nothing is wrong than wait it out and then face real problems.

What Is A Bone Graft Procedure?

jaw bone graftingWhen your teeth need a particular dental restoration treatment such as an implant or a bridge, there needs to be a certain amount of bone required for this to be successful. In cases where that amount of bone simply does not exist, your dentist will discuss with you the possibility of a bone graft procedure, which will help the restoration treatment to be successful. Although there are many reasons why a person may not have sufficient bone – gum disease, a previous tooth extraction, a sports injury, an infection – there is only one treatment option, and that is a bone graft. This is often a very successful treatment, and it will naturally lead to the success of the primary treatment plan. So what are the side effects of a successful bone graft?

Firstly, you will experience greater jaw stabilization. This means that your jaw will be stronger, and better supported in the areas where it was previously weak, helping you to do basic things like chew meat and bite down on an apple much easier. Secondly, you will experience greater preservation. With more bone in the jaw you are much less likely to lose teeth in the future, and it will help to keep the teeth that are healthy in place.

Your dentist will examine you to see whether you are a good fit for receiving a bone graft, and any nearby problems such as infection or gum disease will need to be treated and healed before you take the bone graft any further. Once the bone graft treatment is over, you will be given special medicine that you will need to take to reduce the swelling and discomfort, and it will also fight infection too. Before you know it, you can have your dental restoration treatment and leave your dentist with a perfectly healthy and beautiful looking set of teeth.

Patient Appreciation Party – Drone Raffle & Free Beer

We love our patients and would like to show our appreciation with a party! You, your friends and family are all welcome to join us on Thursday 5/11 at 5pm, next door to Brighton at the San Diego Brewing Company.. the beer is on us!

Hope to see you there,

Dr. Woods & The Brighton Dental Team

Amalgam Removal Goes More Smoothly When Homeopathic Remedies Are Used

Toxic mercury is one of the key components for dental amalgams, and that means that many patients who want to have a healthy mouth decide that they need to have it removed – and in some cases, it is a requirement of other treatment such as restoration. However, this could cause problems if the amalgam is disturbed, as it could release mercury into the patient’s mouth and then bloodstream.

That is why at our dental practice, we go the extra mile and make extraordinary safeguards to ensure that our patients are not exposed to mercury when they request that their amalgam is removed. Introducing the use of homeopathic remedies has been a brilliant way to help the process, both before and after, to remove any of the negative side effects.

We find it utterly bizarre that there are dentists at other practices that are still happy to give their patients mercury fillings, especially when it has been scientifically proven to be a toxic poison to humans – but although we cannot change what they do and what they have done in the past to some of our patients, we know we can prevent any further harm from happening.

Homeopathic Remedies Work

Homeopathic remedies can be taken the day before, the day of, and the day after your appointment to have your amalgam removed, and they are typically small pellets that you can take from a pill box. These remedies have been scientifically calculated to do the most amount of good possible for our patients, so that their treatment goes well and their body heals nicely. They also have the ability to fight off the mercury toxins, in the unlikely outcome that some is knocked from the main.

Arnica is one of our central homeopathic remedies, a substance taken for centuries to help with nerve pain and muscle pain, perfect for reducing bruising over the treatment. During your amalgam filling it is likely that you will experience bruising and redness, and perhaps even swelling, but the arnica will lessen that. Another useful remedy is hypericum.

As well as dealing with the physical side of the amalgam removal, we also prescribe homeopathic remedies for those who are frightened of the dentist in order to lessen anxiety, calming the mind, and helping them to prepare emotionally for the amalgam removal. Aconite and gelsemium are particularly good for this.

A Long History Of Effectiveness

Homeopathic Tablets

Homeopathic Tablets

Since the 1800s homeopathy has been used by medical practitioners, and it is excellent for supporting traditional modern medicine now. After all, there is only so much that modern medicine can achieve, and when using the medicine of similars which is a central part of homeopathy, we can offer additional treatments to patients who would really benefit from extra care. These possibilities are not just limited to amalgam removals, or even dental offices, but can be used in almost any medical setting.

Different medications have been developed over the 20th century, and this led to a decrease in the use of homeopathy – and yet many dentists and doctors, as well as patients, are starting to rediscover the amazing power of what homeopathy can do. This treatment option is widely accepted in Europe, and is starting to be better understood here in the US over time. In fact, you may already be using a homeopathic remedy like eye drops without even realising it.

Homeopathy will not make your mercury filling less toxic, so you should still have it removed by your dentist, but utilizing the power of homeopathic remedies will prevent any mercury that is disturbed during that treatment from harming you.

To learn more about how homeopathics can be used to improve your dental treatments, call (619) 359-6569.

Holistic Dental Staff

Is it a good idea to get silver (mercury) fillings removed during pregnancy?

Amalgam Filling

Amalgam Filling

It feels as though with every new generation, we learn even more about the human body and all of the strange things that past generations have done to it! It is almost possible to laugh sometimes at the crazy things that doctors and medical staff did to people hundreds of years ago, absolutely convinced that they were doing the right thing, even though it could actually have been causing them even more pain than necessary – and potentially not in any way curing the problem at all. One of the things that our generation is having to deal with on almost a yearly basis is the fact that dentists in our pasts thought that it was absolutely fine to use mercury within tooth fillings. Now that we understand that mercury really is not good for the body, but in fact can be highly poisonous, many people are going back to their dentists and asking them to take their mercury fillings out. But is this a good idea if you are pregnant?

The main concern here is that absolutely everything that we ingest will find its way into our placenta and then straight into our babies, so many people worry that if they do ask their dentist to remove their mercury filling – also known as a silver filling – then they will automatically ingest some as it is taken out, and that could poison their baby, leaving them with real damage. It is completely understandable why people panic about this, but the thing that you need to remember is that when it comes to your mercury filling, you will be in one of two situations. You will either have a completely intact mercury filling, or you will have a leaking mercury filling. What you should do if you are pregnant and considering talking to your dentist depends on the state of your filling.

If your mercury filling is already leaking, then it is definitely time to have it removed. Your dentist can use a dam (like a special mouth guard, only it prevents anything from going down your throat) to make sure that you do not ingest any of the mercury or silver as they are taking it out, and as it has already been leaking into your body, it is definitely a case of the sooner the better. Wasting time in this situation is definitely not a good idea. On the other hand, if your mercury filling is completely intact and is not leaking at all, then at this point there really isn’t a good reason for your dentist to get involved. It would be much better for you to wait until you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding, so that your dentist does not have to worry about working on you and you don’t have to worry about any spilling out. As always when it comes to being pregnant, only you at the end of the day can make this decision.

To have Dr. Paige Woods assess whether your amalgam fillings should be removed now or later, call (619) 359-6569