Aromatherapy for Dental Anxiety

Most people don’t really like going to the dentist – even other dentists! Many people within the industry have worked hard to make it a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable, whether it is making the visit more personalised and specific to that patient, or making the dental practice itself feel less like a hospital and more like a day spa. Known as dental spas, these tend to offer slightly different services to their patients that the traditional dental practices, such as teeth whitening and aromatherapy. This new type of experience can really start to challenge people’s expectations of what ‘going to the dentist’ really looks and feels like.

Aromatherapy itself has been around for a very long time, and thousands of people have benefited from the clever way that practitioners are able to gently encourage the emotions of a patient to change simply by using different smells. It really goes to show how much of an influence the mind can have over the body – and vice versa! By attending a few aromatherapy for dental anxiety appointments, you can see a drastic change in the way that a person feels about going to the dentist.

What is fascinating about this shift in dental mentality is that many dentists are not actually even bothering to advertise that they do things a little differently – their patients are such brilliant walking adverts themselves! They cannot stop telling people the difference that aromatherapy has made to their dental anxiety that more and more people start to visit that dentist for that very reason. After all, dental anxiety can be absolutely crippling, and prevent some people from receiving the dental care that they so desperately need. By reducing stress, aromatherapists are giving back those patients control over their own bodies.

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