For Vista Residents‚ Dr. Paige Woods‚ DDS Is The Gentle‚ Safe Choice

May I have the pleasure of meeting your dental and oral health needs? For Vista residents and every patient at my dental practice‚ my goal and hope is total health‚ and I take a customized approach to helping make that happen for you. I’m the biological dentist for patients from Vista and across Southern California who want a pain–free‚ fetching smile and fully functional teeth.

I’m quite different from old–school dentists. As a holistic or biological dentist‚ I focus on all of you as a person – not just your teeth. The teeth and mouth are part of a system that includes every part of your body. A lot of dentists don’t realize or understand that‚ but I do.

Vista’s Choice For Oral And Total Health

By working with you to generate trust prior to starting treatment‚ our dental office is able to help you overcome any dental anxiety. We have tools to help with this that include soothing acupuncture‚ relaxing aromatherapy and other techniques that turn what you fear may be a negative time in your life to a positive one.

Supporting your overall health‚ I advocate the following things related to healthy living:

  • Consumption of only whole foods with minimal processing
  • Use of meditation‚ yoga and other proven methods for a better mind and body
  • Connecting with the very best holistic doctors and dentists for every need
  • And more.

At Brighton Dental‚ my team and I use biological dental materials that are compatible with your body‚ not in opposition to it. Not every Vista dentist is so careful. We don’t support the use of mercury or other metals‚ preferring‚ for example‚ composite fillings and porcelain crowns‚ which are more beautiful than old choices and safer as well. I advocate removing amalgam fillings‚ using ozone water for periodontal health and avoiding root canals when possible.

Offering Vista Patients Holistic Dental Anxiety Solutions

In the past‚ dentistry methods were‚ quite honestly‚ sometimes barbaric. Thankfully‚ though‚ times and technology have moved forward. I’m proud to lead a state–of–the–art pain–free dental practice with an outreach to scared or traumatized Vista residents.

Would you like a good example of how dentistry is better than ever? Not long ago‚ Vista clients at many practices would have received a shot of a powerful anesthetic drug with a huge needle. The result would have been pain and being number all day. That creates physical and emotional trauma. Today at Brighton Dental‚ needles are tiny‚ we use a pH–neutral numbing drug that’s warmed to a comfortable temperature and apply topical anesthetics before injecting. In many cases‚ I don’t use a needle at all. Most procedures are quick and pain–free – and without any trauma for you.

Even better‚ you’re never out of control here. I inform you what I’m doing at each step (if you like) and happily stop working for a breather when you need me to. Staying informed helps take away fear. Or you can just watch TV and let us work on the plan we’ve made with you in advance.

The Best Equipment And An Expert Team…
For Every Vista Dental Client

I want to be your dentist and earn your trust. I’m pleased to have a team of good people who truly want to help – whether you’re anxious or nervous or not. Using modern tools and techniques‚ we do our best for everyone. That’s why you can rely on Brighton Dental for personal and family dental needs.

I’m pleased and excited to provide gentle holistic dental treatment to Vista clients like you – and positively improve your life and how you think about dentists. Let’s work together for a great life!

Come visit me and my team in San Diego at Brighton Dental.
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