Understanding Dental Ozone Therapy

What Is Ozone?

Just like the ozone that we talk about when it comes to the atmosphere, ozone is a compound of three oxygen atoms that have joined together. This is a naturally occurring form of oxygen, and is often created by lightning or ultraviolet energy. In my dentist lab of course, I don’t use lightning! Instead, I have an ozone generator which can simulate the same conditions that lightning creates, and this forms ozone. Nature uses ozone in our atmosphere in order to counteract a lot of the pollution that is up there, and your mouth can do almost exactly the same thing.

O3 ozone moleculeThis is because ozone has some amazing properties that are almost unique to itself, which is why we use it in dentistry so often. Its anaerobic sterilization properties are really efficient, and although some dentists will choose to use chlorine to do the same job, ozone doesn’t have any acidity in it or toxicity that can damage your mouth and/or overall health. Smaller concentrations are used: in fact, you only need one single ozone molecule to do the same amount of work as around 10,000 molecules of poisonous chlorine, and ozone can actually destroy those pathogens much more quickly.

The Battle Against Oral Infections

By using medically graded oxygen and an ozone generator, a corona discharge reaction will create just as much ozone as you will need in order to kill the pathogens that want to live inside your mouth and do a huge amount of damage.

A huge part of the dentistry work that I do boils down to fighting infections. It’s a common problem in today’s modern world, and because of what we eat, drink, and smoke, horrible pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and even fungi can easily find their way into your mouth and cause infections – infections that can spread through the rest of your body to create even more complicated health problems. Dental infections can be really difficult to get rid of, which is why sometimes other dentists will accidentally leave some of that bacteria in the mouth, just continuing the problems.

Thankfully most bacteria and other pathogens have one weakness that they all share: ozone. It is almost impossible for a large number of pathogens to even exist when in the presence of ozone, and ozone even encourages your body’s natural defences to fight back against the invading bacteria. This is why ozone is so brilliant: because it works with your body, and not against it.

Therapeutic Goals Of Ozone Therapy

When I believe that it is right to prescribe one of my patients with ozone therapy, I have a load of targets and goals that I want to meet through that therapy. Most of the time those goals include:

  • Completely eliminating the pathogens
  • Encouraging the body to restore correct oxygen metabolism
  • Circulation increasing in the gums
  • Activating the immune system to fight back
  • Encouraging the body to use its own antioxidant systems

There are three different ways that you can apply ozone to the tissue of your gums: ozonated water, ozonated olive oil, and ozone gas. In my case, I often use ozone therapy with water, and combine it with all of the best of my other treatment and diagnostic tools, such as pocket-probing, x-rays, and clinical examinations.

Two Scientific Facts Behind Dental Ozone Therapy

  1. Ozone is created when energy is forced upon a normal O2 molecule causing it to split into two O1 molecules. Each one of these will then combine with a standard O2 molecule, creating two O3 molecules, or ozone. Sunlight will create this in nature, as will lightning.
  2. Ozone is a natural ozidizer, or oxidant. This means that it can accept an electron from another molecule, which in turn then adds oxygen to that molecule and making it more oxygen filled. Cells that are healthy will have antioxidants within their cells that make sure that this does not happen to them if they get any contact with ozone – but pathogens do not have them, so they are destroyed.

How Ozone Can Help You

Protection and prevention. Ozonated water that is used regularly with disinfect your mouth and sterilze it without any nasty chemicals.

Treatment. In the cases of some gum disease, ozone or ozonated water is used to remove bacteria and infection without resorting to antibiotics or toxic chemicals, and can be used for any infection type or size.

Ozone treatment has been used in Europe for decades to help the body to heal much quicker, and to

In Europe, ozone treatment has been used for decades to speed the healing of wounds and treat and to treat illnesses that will benefit from an increase in ozone. In fact, research into the benefits of ozone therapy has been carried out as far back as 1900, and when used by a professional such as myself, it is completely safe without any side effects. Better than many medications, you can avoid putting anything unnatural or unusual in your body as the ozone molecules are more than powerful enough for anything that you can pit them against. Before you know it, you can have a healthy and happy mouth again.

Home Ozone Unit

Home Ozone Unit

Reverse Your Cavities

It may sound a little far-fetched, but because ozone naturally encourages your body to fight back, it also encourages the body to grow back – and that means gum and bone in areas that have previously been attacked by bacteria. This means that, over time and continuous use, your cavities will reduce in size by up to 2 millimeters which is actually a huge amount comparatively.

Minimally Invasive Treatment For You

Within all of the different treatment options that I have available to me, for any sort of dental problem at all, there is nothing so safe and dependable as ozone therapy. I especially like to use it to rid people of early stages gum disease, because then it prevents so many of the problems that ozone therapy can also treat. It is non-invasive and not harmful at all. In fact, ozone therapy can even have beneficial effects under the enamel, without harming the enamel itself to get there. This means that the deep structure of the tooth is healed and encouraged to grow back healthy.

There will be times when surgery is going to be the best option for a patient, and that is a more invasive option – but more and more I am using ozone therapy as an initial treatment, often lessening the amount of invasive work that I have to do, if not negating its use completely.

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