Brighton Dental and Dr. Paige Woods are worth a short drive from anywhere in Southern California.

If you’ve been traumatized, hurt or simply left unimpressed by other dentists, there’s no longer any reason to worry. I’m Dr. Paige Woods, DDS – and I practice a different and better kind of dentistry that’s worth finding. No matter where you live or work in the San Diego area, I’m the biocompatible dentist you can rely on. My unique brand of holistic dentistry is right for helping improve and beautify your teeth and mouth for the best life possible.

Let me help you with every general or cosmetic dental need, including everything from cleanings, x-rays and exams to Invisalign invisible aligners and oral surgery. And I can treat every member of your family.

But What’s The Real Difference?

I’m not like other dentists because I run a holistic dental practice and use only biocompatible materials. That means I treat you like a person, not just a mouth that walks around. I understand that all the body’s systems work together. And it also means I use only materials that don’t react negatively with your body. Here, we avoid mercury-containing silver fillings and instead use tooth-matching composite. And we avoid metal crowns and root canals when possible.

What About Closer The Dentists?

For many, Brighton Dental is in your neighborhood. If we’re not, we’re worth the drive from anywhere in Southern California. Our office is at 10450 Friars Road at Mission Gorge Road in San Diego. When you arrive, you’ll find an upscale office, helpful and concerned people and a gentle approach to dentistry that’s perfect for everyone – including apprehensive or scared patients who may have had bad dental experiences at other dentists.

We’re about a half-hour or less from:

Select me and my practice, Brighton Dental, because no other San Diego dental clinic can better meet your need for expert cosmetic and general dentistry from caring people.


Please reach out to (619) 344-8806 for your appointment.
You’ll benefit from our better approach to family dentistry.