Silver-colored dental amalgam fillings contain mercury, and mercury is a powerful neurotoxin. While some dentists are still putting in amalgam fillings, many people are opting to have mercury fillings removed and eliminate the health risks associated with them. In San Diego, the premier choice for mercury amalgam removal is Dr. Paige Woods of Brighton Dental.

A holistic and biocompatible dentist, Dr. Woods is focused on taking actions that improve her patients’ dental and overall health – while not exposing them to new risks. If you’re ready to have your harmful amalgam fillings replaced with safer, tooth-colored fillings, it’s time to contact Brighton Dental San Diego.

Remove The Toxin And Restore Your Health

Unexplained health problems you’re experiencing could be the result of amalgam fillings and the mercury they contain. Or these fillings could be opening you up for problems down the road. Mercury is a neurotoxin – a poison for your nervous system – and can cause autoimmune disease, mental disorders and chronic diseases. And the mercury vapor that comes off your fillings when you brush, chew or eat certain foods means you’re constantly exposed to mercury if you have silver fillings.

Don’t believe mercury vapor is released from everyday tasks like brushing? Have a look at this video from the Dr. Oz television program which demonstrates that even a quick brushing releases harmful mercury vapor in seconds:

And imagine how much mercury vapor is release over the lifetime of a silver filling.

Astoundingly, 72 percent of Americans surveyed recently didn’t know that silver fillings contain mercury. Yet dental amalgam is about 50 percent mercury to make the silver pliable at room temperature. Amalgam also contains tin and cooper. And the 1 to 27 micrograms of mercury vapor that research has shown is released from each filling daily could translate to enough mercury in the air to make a workplace unsafe according to OSHA standards, for example.

Plus, the World Health Organization has said that much more mercury is released from chewing gum, drinking colas and grinding teeth than research has shown so far. The WHO is also concerned about the mercury coming off silver fillings contaminating the water since mercury is a known water contaminant of concern to those who eat fish.

While the American Dental Association doesn’t yet recommend amalgam removal service for all dental patients and still advocates the use of inexpensive and durable amalgam instead of equally appealing composite dental material, the U.S. EPA recommends that dentists use sophisticated amalgam separators to catch and contain amalgam waste and decrease mercury in sewer systems.

Make The Smart, Safe Choice Of Amalgam Removal

When you turn to Dr. Woods for amalgam removal, you can depend on a modern, careful process that protects your health and that of the dental team as well as the environment. Getting the amalgam out of your body is the safest, smartest choice for overall health. Even if you believe there is uncertainty about the proven health issues associated with amalgam fillings, why take chances when better-looking, equally durable choices are available?

Life presents us all with plenty of challenges, but why open yourself up to the potential health challenges of long-term mercury exposure by leaving your dental amalgam in place? Instead, contact us at Brighton Dental San Diego to step up to safe, beautiful restorations that will last just as long as amalgam and eliminate the health concerns.

At Brighton Dental, our amalgam removal service is your ticket to peace of mind. Why not schedule a consultation right away by calling (619) 359-6569? It’s the right thing to do for your health and for the environment.