How Root Canals and Cavitations Can Encourage Lyme Disease

Common dental problems many people find themselves having are root canals and cavitations. While these are similar issues‚ they also are very different. Because of this‚ it might be a little difficult to fully understand what they are and how they can be treated‚ especially if you have Lyme disease. This article will explore more behind these two problems and how you can have them treated by Dr. Woods.

What are Root Canals and Cavitations?

Root canals are when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected‚ usually because of bacteria. Your dentist will work to remove the infected area causing inflammation‚ disinfect it‚ and then seal the opening up so bacteria does not continue to cause problems.

Cavitations are a bit difficult to tell if you have sometimes. They involve a hole being formed into the bottom of the tooth near the jaw by harmful bacteria. However‚ the one major problem about them is that they can often go undetected unlike root canals. Many people might not realize they have this dental issue because there are often no visible symptoms and they can’t be detected without the help of X-rays.

Signs of Lyme Disease in the Body

One of the first places you’ll find symptoms of Lyme disease is in the mouth. Some of the most common symptoms include a dry mouth‚ tooth sensitivity‚ inflamed gums‚ and even facial paralysis.

How Infected Root Canals and Cavitations Can Hurt Lyme Disease Treatment

Surprisingly‚ root canals and cavitations can actually discourage Lyme disease treatment from working. The mouth is connected to your body’s immune system which is attacked by Lyme disease. Sometimes dental treatments can harbor bacteria that ruins your Lyme disease treatment because they invite certain chemicals into your mouth‚ such as when you get metal fillings for root canals.

How Root Canals and Cavitations Can Encourage Lyme Disease

Root canals are an infected area around a tooth. Because of this‚ they often have openings which encourage bacteria to grow in it. This can actually cause it to get into the bloodstream and form many other problems down the road if not treated immediately‚ such as severe swelling in the mouth.

If you have a cavitation‚ these can especially be harmful to your recovery. This is because these holes can prevent the treatment from protecting your brain from the disease which can encourage more bacteria to grow in your body. Because of their strange location beneath the tooth‚ it can also make it a bit difficult for Lyme disease treatment to reach all areas of your body which can prevent the treatment from being effective.

How to Treat These Problems

The first step to treating these problems is to talk with a holistic dentist. Your holistic dentist already understands the connections between Lyme disease and root canals or cavitations so they can create a treatment plan that will work best for you.

Most of the time‚ surgery will be recommended so the dead and infected area can be removed. Another option you might be recommended to try is x-tip ozone injections. This involves your dentist injecting ozone into your jaw which can help to open up the area so the bacteria can drain.

Your holistic dentist might also encourage you to detox your mouth with the use of coffee enemas or castor oil. These can reduce inflammation and help to stop these problems from occurring again.

Ways to Prevent These Problems From Happening

While you can’t always prevent root canals and cavitations from occurring, you can take a few steps to help do so.

Eat Food That Helps Your Immune System

Eating food that supports your immune system can significantly help to prevent Lyme disease‚ root canals‚ and cavitations from happening. Some to consider are garlic‚ spinach‚ and yogurt.

Get Monthly Dental Checkups

Another way to help prevent these problems from happening is to get monthly dental checkups. With each appointment‚ your dentist can keep an eye out for possible problems and give you some tips as to how you can have better oral health.

Use Fluoride–Free Dental Products

Most dental products use fluoride as a way to prevent tooth damage. However‚ sometimes using too many products with fluoride can be harmful. This is because the composition of this chemical can cause jaw and tooth issues down the road if you use it too much. Because of this‚ look to use fluoride–free dental products as much as possible.

Finding out you have root canals or cavitations when you have Lyme disease can be a little daunting. However, by keeping the information and tips mentioned above in mind‚ you can be sure you can work to help boost your immune system and overall dental health so your body can heal.


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