If You Live In Oceanside‚ Make Dr. Paige Woods‚ DDS Your Gentle Dental Choice

Hi‚ I’m Dr. Paige Woods‚ and I would like the opportunity to meet your dental and oral health care needs. For Oceanside residents‚ I believe I’m the best. I want for you the same thing I want for myself: total overall health. I take a customized approach to helping make that happen. As a biological dentist Oceanside patients can always trust‚ I want you to have a pain–free and fully functioning mouth with beautiful teeth.

Come see how Brighton Dental is different from an old–fashioned dentist’s office. I’m proud to be a biological dentist and adhere to holistic principles. That means I always focus on the whole you‚ not just your teeth and mouth. A lot of dentists forget there’s a person attached to those fillings‚ crowns and veneers.

Oceanside’s Best Option For Total Oral And Overall Health

I want to earn your trust. If you have any anxiety or concerns‚ I can help alleviate them. My team and I have special ways of soothing dental anxiety‚ including giving you start and stop control and introducing you to acupuncture and aromatherapy‚ perhaps. We want you to get the treatment you need and have a pleasant time while you’re here.

Here are some of the ways I support and advocate for general health and well–being:

  • I suggest eating only whole foods that haven’t been processed too much.
  • I recommend yoga‚ meditation and exercise for mind as well as bodily health.
  • I strongly encourage you to visit a holistic doctor as well as my holistic dental clinic.
  • And much more that I can explain when we meet.

Come see us at Brighton Dental‚ where we use only biocompatible dental materials that fit right in with your body. We carefully avoid using mercury and other metals that work against you. Trust us to use porcelain instead of metal in many cases and composites instead of amalgam. I also suggest and advocate for the removal of old amalgam. And root canals? I’m not a fan.

Offering Oceanside Residents Smart Dental Anxiety Solutions

I freely admit that there’s a lot of pain in dentistry’s past. Thankfully‚ however‚ the times and the industry’s technology have moved forward by leaps and bounds. I proudly lead a pain–free dental office with a special outreach to traumatized and scared Oceanside residents – perhaps like you.

Here’s an example of how dentistry has changed for the better: Previously‚ Oceanside clients at most dental offices would have gotten a shot of a painful anesthetic with a painfully huge needle. The result? Physical and emotional trauma. At Brighton Dental‚ our needles are very small‚ we always use a pH–neutral numbing agent warmed to a nice temperature and put on a topical anesthetics before giving the shot. Often‚ I don’t need to use a needle at all.

Another improvement over the old days? You’re never out of control now. I tell you what’s happening at every step and can stop for a breather if necessary. Staying informed means there’s nothing to fear.

The Best Team And Modern Equipment…
For Each Of Our Oceanside Dental Clients

I look forward to earning your trust and becoming your dentist. I also want you to meet the good people on my team who help me offer the best dental services in the Oceanside area. We do our best for every client – especially if you’re anxious‚ nervous or apprehensive. We want everyone to rely on Brighton Dental for their oral health needs.

I’m excited to provide you gentle and holistic dental treatment – and make a positive difference in your life. And I’m here for you when you need me.

Please visit my team and me at Brighton Dental in San Diego.
Call right away at (619) 649-8517 for a convenient appointment.