Non-Toxic Root Canals (yes there is such a thing)

Root canal treatments are never enjoyable, but your dentist will always ensure that you only have to ever go through them once. This is sometimes easier said than done, because the special dental filler that is used to cover up the tooth is called guttapercha, and is actually very toxic. When it reacts to the moisture that is naturally present in your mouth it can sometimes break, and this can allow infection right back into the root canal where your dentist had spent so much time ensuring that it had all been removed! There is another type of filler which more and more dentists, including Dr Paige Woods, are using instead of the toxic guttapercha, and that is called calcium hydroxide sealer. As well as being more biocompatible with your tooth and mouth, it also naturally stimulates bone growth.

This holistic alternative to a typical root canal is starting to become more and more popular as patients and dentists alike realize the differences between the two, but not every single patient is a viable subject for receiving calcium hydroxide sealer. After all, the idea of putting something in your mouth permanently that you know will have a toxic effect on the rest of your mouth is madness! Dental technology has come so far in the last few years, and it is treatment procedures like biocompatible root canals that go to prove that.

This could be a great treatment option for you, if you know that you will need to have a root canal treatment soon. If you have had any long term health problems then you must make your dentist aware of this, as it may affect the success of the treatment. Dr Paige Woods always enjoys being able to talk through the different options with her patients so that they can understand exactly what their choices are.


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