Lyme Disease And Your Mouth: Non-Toxic Dentistry Can Help You Strengthen Your Body Against Lyme Disease

When you have Lyme disease, nothing is more important than strengthening your body and your immune system by ridding yourself of bacteria and disease that weakens you. At Brighton Dental, our goal is to enhance your overall well-being.

Systemic diseaseWe believe that Lyme disease is an overall, umbrella diagnosis that involves many parts and implications. When you’re diagnosed with Lyme disease, your body is often weakened by chronic opportunistic infections that impact every aspect of life. Holistic, non-toxic dentistry works with your body’s healing mechanisms instead of against you.

Lyme diseases causes and is the result of an imbalance in your internal ecosystem that provides the environment necessary for borrelia burgdorferi – the Lyme disease organism – and other co-infections including babesiosis, ehrliciosis and bartonella to flourish. You experience a range of apparently unrelated symptoms of the neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, genitourinary, gastrointestinal or endocrine systems.

No matter exactly how Lyme disease manifests in your body, you experience a domino effect of inflammatory reactions that can play havoc with just about any part of your body – including your mouth, teeth and gums.

Nothing Happens In Isolation

Nothing that happens to your body happens in isolation. Your body’s systems work together, and conquering your medical issues requires a comprehensive, whole-body approach, including holistic, non-toxic dentistry. The last thing your body needs is dental work involving toxic materials that causes further inflammation.

Your overwhelmed and distracted immune system can cause dental and oral issues to develop. Plus, existing oral health issues weaken your body, leaving it with no reserves to fight off chronic opportunistic infections that are related to your Lyme disease diagnosis.

Additionally, undiagnosed underlying conditions like heavy metal toxicity, the genetic inability to get certain toxins out of your system, asymptomatic oral infections and diabetes can contribute to Lyme disease becoming a chronic condition for you.

At Brighton Dental, our job is to find and treat factors that contribute to your health issues and work with you to create an environment in which your immune system can best fight off infections, including chronic Lyme disease.

The Holistic, Non-Toxic Approach To Dentistry

By approaching your dental health from a holistic perspective, we aren’t concerned with any debates or controversies regarding the underlying reasons for and treatment of Lyme disease. We don’t have to worry about whether conventional or alternative treatments are best. We simply focus on improving your dental health and healing your body as a whole.

Our holistic approach involves non-toxic dentistry that clears away obstacles that stand in the way of natural healing so your body’s immune system can fight disease. We don’t focus on trying to kill an organism with herbs, minerals or drugs. Instead, our focus is on nourishing your body and resetting your body’s ecosystem so you can fight the battle you’re facing – as nature intended.

In addition to taking a comprehensive health history and doing lab work, we can perform EAV testing, thermography and other procedures to assess your oral and overall health. We may recommend:

  • Detoxifying treatments
  • Nutritional therapies
  • Herbal formulations
  • Enzyme therapy
  • Emotional support
  • Dietary changes
  • Specific oral health procedures
  • Homeopathic treatments
    and more.

When you let Brighton Dental participate in your journey toward better health and a life free from chronic Lyme disease, not only can your body build up strength again but you’ll be at decreased risk for other chronic, debilitating health concerns in the future.

To learn more about holistic, non-toxic dentistry and how it can help improve your overall health, contact us at (619) 640-5100 for a free initial consultation.