What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

‘Dentures’ is a word that many people shiver to hear, because they assume that dentures are the sort of thing that the elderly and the infirm have to suffer through – not something that someone like them should have to consider! However, as we live longer lives we are naturally going to have to more health concerns and losing teeth is very common. Because dentures used to be incredibly painful, uncomfortable, and expensive, many people think that this is still the case, but that is because they are not aware of all the advances that have been made in dental research and technology. Now it is possible to not just have permanent fixed dentures that do not move around when you eat, drink, or chat, but also to have them supported by dental implants rather than your natural teeth.

This cost effective treatment has worked wonders for hundreds upon thousands of patients, and it’s not surprising. Research has demonstrated that potentially up to 90% of the people who currently have dentures are not happy with them, and that is undoubtedly because they have the old style that has not taken into account all of the new technology. Having a non invasive procedure to have a few dental implants placed into a patient’s mouth, and then having a set of customized and personally made for the patient dentures placed on them is a much better way to transform a person’s dental health, and more and more people are starting to realize this.

You don’t have to settle for ill-fitting dentures that give you sores on your gums: talk to Dr Paige Woods today about implant supported dentures to discover all of the benefits of modern dental technology that you may have been missing out on – but hopefully not for long. Smile with confidence and without pain with implant supported dentures.

Source: http://sandiegodentist.org/restorations/implant-supported-dentures/

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