Restore Missing Teeth With Biocompatible, Safe And Beautiful Ceramic Dental Implants

Safer and more permanent than a root canal and better than a bridge, a holistic dental implant may be the right option for missing teeth – a solution that often works well when few other choices are ideal. At Brighton Dental, we’re the San Diego dentist you can trust for ceramic or zirconia implants that are biocompatible and stronger than titanium.


holistic dental implant explainedWhy Risk A Root Canal When You Can Replace With Ceramic?

In cases where advanced periodontal disease or other oral health issues have severely weakened the bone around a tooth or when a tooth is infected deeply and only a root canal can “save” the tooth, a holistic dental implant is often a smart choice that results in a natural-looking replacement tooth, limited risk of complications and none of the concerns that come with potentially harmful root canals.

Not so many years ago, a dental bridge was the best solution for avoiding a root canal and the potential for infection and long-term complications. But bridges aren’t always a good decision – especially if the teeth on each side of the missing tooth are healthy because these teeth have to be largely sacrificed to anchor the false tooth bridge. A bridge is also a bad solution when you have several missing teeth near each other.

Additionally, craniosacral therapists believe that bridges are not a natural or healthy way to tie teeth together because this connection prevents that natural slight movement of teeth, leading to stress on the teeth and meridian.


Holistic Dental Implants Are The Modern Choice

In many situations, implants are simply the best choice. But you must keep in mind that not all implants are the same. While titanium implants have long been the industry standard, are generally considered non-reactive to the human body and therefore biocompatible, we like to limit the amount of metal in our patient’s bodies. That’s why we recommend the removal of mercury-containing amalgam fillings and gold crowns. From both a traditional medical standpoint and in the eyes of alternative medicine practitioners, metal creates problems.

Zirconium dioxide implants – also called zirconia implants or simply ceramic implants – are the holistic dental implant choice that we can get behind. Zirconia is widely used in dental crowns and is among the most biocompatible materials we have available in dentistry. Specific benefits of ceramic implants include:


Less plaque and calculus retention. Because the San Diego holistic dental implants we offer hold onto less plaque and tartar than titanium implants, your gum health and overall health are maintained.

Better integration with the jawbone. Titanium is slick or textured like a screw in some cases, but zirconium implants are rough on the surface so they integrate well with the jawbone, making the implant stronger.

High stability and biocompatibility. Stable and non-reactive with the body, holistic dental implants also resist scratching and corrosion which is possible with other implants.

Natural coloring. Zirconia implants are entirely tooth-colored – even the part that goes into the jaw – for better aesthetics from bottom to top. A wide range of coloring choices means the match with your existing teeth or dental work is exact.

While saving natural teeth is best unless extreme measures or harmful procedures are necessary, there are many benefits to holistic dental implants over other missing teeth restorations. If you want to avoid a root canal and aren’t convinced that a partial denture is for you, it’s time to consider implants.


Looking Deeper At Dental Implants

At Brighton Dental, we believe ceramic dental implants will become the industry standard. A primary reason is that they discourage peri-implantitis, an infection of the gums and bone structure around an implant. Holistic dental implants don’t corrode or oxidize and hold less bacteria. If the gums and bone around an implant fail, the implant itself fails – just as a natural tooth would.

We’ve found that many patients know about the risk of peri-implantitis and want a better alternative to titanium implants, leading the dental industry to move forward with ceramic implants rapidly. Once a traditional implant begins to corrode and fail, deposits stick to the implant surface readily and constantly, something that never goes away as long as the implant is present. This results in red and bleeding gums and other symptoms of gum disease and eventually means the implant must go.

Holistic dental implants don’t oxide or corrode, so the surface stays clean and doesn’t attract plaque or the bacteria that causes it. Without the worry of corrosion, a zirconia implant can last 10 years, 20 years or even longer.

At the dental office, we can treat a ceramic implant like a regular tooth during cleaning. And the same is true at home. A solid home oral health program is all that’s necessary to maintain the integrity of the holistic implant. Plus, you never have to worry about gum recession leading to exposure of the dull metal under the implant crown – because the base is tooth-colored ceramic just as the crown is.

Ready to learn more? There’s no better place to turn for San Diego holistic dental implants than Brighton Dental. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Paige Woods and our gentle dental team to learn about this and other oral and dental health solutions that may be right for you.

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