Dr. Paige Woods‚ DDS Is Escondido’s Best Choice For Gentle‚ Holistic Dentistry

I’m Dr. Paige Woods‚ DDS‚ and it’s nice to meet you. I would like to be the dentist you and all your friends in Escondido choose for your oral health needs. You can have beautiful‚ pain–free teeth that work well for you – and I can treat you even if you’re apprehensive. Depend on me and my clinic‚ Brighton Dental‚ for a personalized approach that will have you looking and feeling better.

Please set up an appointment with me right away and find out how this dental office is a refreshing change from old–school dentist offices. As a biocompatible dentist‚ I adhere to smart holistic principles that many dentists don’t bother with – meaning I focus on you as a whole person‚ not just a mouthful of teeth.

Escondido’s Sensible Choice For Dental And Whole–Person Health

My hope is that a visit to my practice is simple and perhaps fun – even for people who are worried or afraid of a dental visit. My team and I have methods for soothing all levels of dental anxiety‚ including with aromatherapy‚ acupuncture and more. We also put you in control‚ ensuring you’re always in charge of your treatment and fully informed.

I want the best life as a whole for you. That’s why I advocate and support certain principles‚ including these:

  • Consuming whole foods that have been processed minimally
  • Practicing yoga‚ meditation and exercising
  • Visiting a holistic physician as well as a holistic dental office
  • and other ideas for you that we can discuss.

Here at Brighton Dental‚ we use only materials that won’t harm your body – unlike some dentists. We avoid using silver mercury filling material and other metals. And we use porcelain in place of metal when possible as well as composites in place of amalgam. We try to avoid potential harmful root canals too.

Offering Anxious Escondido Patients Gentle Service

Dental treatment has been painful for too long. Times and the technology mean it no longer needs to be agonizing or even unpleasant at dental offices like mine where we make the investment and take the time to provide gentle‚ pain–free treatment. Even if you’ve been traumatized by a dentist in the past‚ we can help.

Here’s one way things have changed in recent years: It wasn’t that far in the past that Escondido patients at even the best dental offices would have gotten a shot of a very painful drug with a big needle for any necessary numbing up. And what would have been the result? Emotional and very likely physical trauma for the patient. Here at Brighton Dental‚ when we must use needles‚ we use very small ones – and we always select a pH–neutral anesthetic that we warmed to room temp. Plus‚ we rub on a topical numbing agent so that even that doesn’t hurt.

And here’s another example: At my practice‚ you’re always in control. I explain to you what’s going on and happily stop so you can catch your breath and relax whenever you want me to. When you know what’s going on‚ you may be less fearful.

Perfect For Escondido Residents…
A Gentle‚ Experienced Dental Team That Puts You First

I genuinely want to gain your trust and become the dentist you and your family rely on. I believe you will like and trust the competent‚ gentle people on my team as well. We each work to do our best for you – particularly if you’re anxious or afraid. We want to earn your business and have you as our patient at Brighton Dental‚ a premier oral health care facility.

It’s my heartfelt privilege to offer you gentle‚ biocompatible and holistic dental services – and help make your life better. May I serve you?

Visit me soon at Brighton Dental in San Diego.
Set up an appointment by reaching out now to (619) 649-8517.