El Cajon Residents Trust Dr. Paige Woods, DDS Above All Others

How may I serve you? My goal for each patient in El Cajon and beyond is the same‚ but I customize my approach to achieving it just for you. I’m the holistic dentist El Cajon residents can trust for the best possible pain–free‚ beautiful smile. Your happiness is my goal‚ and you can be sure that I’ll never let you down.

Biological or holistic dentists like me are a different breed than dentists of old. My focus is squarely on treating every person as‚ well‚ a person – and not just a walking mouth. I understand that your teeth and mouth are part of a complete system that interacts with your body’s meridians. Your body’s systems are all interconnected.

El Cajon’s Choice For Overall Well–Being

By working to create trust prior to beginning your treatment‚ my team and I can successfully rid you of your dental anxiety and you can experience speedy‚ effective and comfortable treatment. We utilize acupuncture‚ aromatherapy‚ total start–and–stop control during procedures and other techniques to help us make your dental experience entirely positive. We can even complete many treatment plans without any need for shots or drilling.

In addition‚ I strongly advocate the following practices for a healthy overall life and outlook:

  • The eating of only minimally processed whole foods
  • Practicing of meditation‚ yoga and other proven mental and emotional health methods
  • Working only with top–notch holistic doctors and dentists
  • And more.

At my practice‚ Brighton Dental‚ I always use biocompatible dental materials so that I do no harm to my El Cajon patients or anyone else. I don’t use mercury or other metals and prefer composite fillings and porcelain crowns‚ for example‚ which are safe and beautiful. I recommend removing potentially dangerous amalgam fillings‚ using oxygen–infused water for periodontal health and choosing alternatives to root canals if available.

Offering El Cajon Patients Holistic Solutions For Dental Anxiety

Let’s face it: Dentistry methods of the past were often barbaric. It’s hard to think about some of the things dentists did to patients. But thankfully‚ times ‚ and technology – have moved on. I’m proud to lead a modern painless and gentle dental practice with a particular outreach to scared El Cajon residents who may have been previously traumatized by bad dentistry.

One example of how things have moved on is anesthesia. Not too many years ago‚ dental patients in Southern California might have been injected with powerful numbing agents that lasted for hours – with big needles that caused physical and emotional pain. Not anymore‚ at least not at Brighton Dental. Our needles are small and we use a pH‚neutral anesthetic that’s warmed to room temperature so it’s almost painless. And it wears off quickly. In many cases‚ we don’t need to use needles at all.

Plus‚ you’re in control when I’m working on your dental and oral health needs. I work at a comfortable pace and stop working when you want me to. I’ll even tell you what’s happening at every step of the way – if you want to be informed. You may choose to watch television while everything just happens.

Today’s Tools And The Best People…
For El Cajon Dental Clients Like You

I’m proud to head up a staff of good people with strong ethics‚ a genuine desire to help you – even if you’re anxious or nervous – and a practice that’s equipped with tools that help us and you. Depend on me and my team for excellence in dentistry for El Cajon and beyond.

I’m gratefully blessed and amazed to be able to express my goal of excellence in health for everyone at this painless‚ biological dental office. I want to change the way you think about dentists – so you can get help you need and have a really great life.

Visit me soon at Brighton Dental‚ close by in San Diego.
Reach out now at (619) 649–8517 for your appointment.