When is A Dental Onlay The Best Option?

Like many other kinds of dental treatments, onlays are usually known by their more common name of partial crowns, and are a treatment option that many people will have during their lifetime. This is a restorative treatment that helps a cracked tooth to not only keep decay at bay and keep healthy, but also look better as well. There are many different kinds of materials that can be used to create onlays or partial crowns, and although gold used to be the most popular material, it is now composite or porcelain that most people ask their dentist for.

Dentists offer onlays to patients who have teeth that need a little more structural support than they are currently getting, in order to make sure that the tooth itself does not collapse or continue to weaken. Some people will choose to have a partial crown because it will greatly enhance the cosmetic look of their teeth, and it is a brilliant way to do both at the same time. Built to last many years, onlays can happily sit in a patient’s mouth for in some cases up to a decade without the patient really noticing, and they will last even longer if you make sure that you follow your dentist’s recommendations about keeping them clean and following good dental hygiene.

Receiving an onlay is almost completely painless, and for many people will not include any discomfort either, especially if your dentist is well practised at fitting them for their patients. For the best advice about onlays San Diego dentist Dr Paige Woods is happy to give consultations and appointments to those who are interested about learning more. There’s no pressure to make any decisions on the spot, and you can go away with all of the information that you need to make your decision.

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