The Covenience Of Same Day Dental Implants

For same day dental implants San Diego dentist Dr Paige Woods has been revolutionizing the way people are treated at their dentists. For years, dental implants have been a treatment option that has always taken at least two, if not three appointments with a dentist, and although for some people this does not feel like very many, there are on the other hand plenty of people who would greatly benefit from being able to have everything done in one go, such as people who live a little outside San Diego, or have children, or very demanding jobs where they cannot just take time off work frequently.

That is where same day dental implants come in. These are perfect for people who want to make the move from temporary dentures to permanent dentures, and that means that they can walk into their dentist’s consultation room with one set of teeth and literally walk out with another. This sort of dental treatment simply would not have been possible a few years ago, but we live in a modern age where people can have their smile changed in just a few hours.

After having a CT scan and an x-ray, a surgical guide is created that is purposefully designed for you, and no one else. All of the planning and hard work that is put in is done before you even step into the dental office so that all you have to do is turn up on the day! Whether you need any teeth taking out or any quick procedures to ready your mouth or not, Dr Paige Woods is able to do everything that you need to be able to walk out of the door with your new mouth. Having same day dental implants means that you can say goodbye to ill fitting and uncomfortable temporary dentures and smile hello to comfortable permanent dentures.


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