Gentle‚ Personalized Dentistry Near Chula Vista From Dr. Paige Woods‚ DDS

I look forward to meeting you – and meeting your dental and oral health needs now and in the future. For Chula Vista residents– I’m proud to be the best choice. I want you to experience total oral health and overall health– and it can start with beautiful– functional teeth that meet your needs and your desires. As the biological dentist Chula Vista residents like you can rely on– I’m here for you with painless dentistry in a convenient location.

And let me make something clear: I’m different from old–fashioned dentists you may have visited. I’m a holistic dentist – also called a biological dentist – and I focus on you as a whole person‚ not just on your mouth. Everything works together‚ after all.

Chula Vista’s Pick For Dental And Oral Needs

By discussing what you want done and what needs to be done in advance‚ we can establish trust and a plan of action. Information‚ as they say‚ is power – and this can help a great deal in overcoming dental anxiety. We can also help with relaxing acupuncture‚ soothing aromatherapy and other methods that replace your fear of a negative experience with an expectation of a positive one.

In support of an overall high–quality life‚ I also promote and advocate for:

  • Consumption of whole‚ minimally processed foods when possible
  • Participating in meditation‚ yoga and other proven overall well–being techniques
  • Using only the best holistic doctors and dentists for treatment
  • And more.

At my dental office‚ the entire team is committed to the use of biological dental materials compatible with the human body‚ not things that may work against it. Not all Chula Vista dentists are so careful. Brighton Dental doesn’t support using mercury or other metals in dental restorations and instead prefers composite fillings and porcelain crowns‚ for example – which look better and are unquestionably safe. I also specifically advocate removing amalgam‚ using ozonated water for gum health and avoiding root canals in many cases.

Offering Chula Vista Clients Smart Dental Anxiety Solutions

In days gone by‚ dental offices were‚ to be honest‚ often barbaric in their treatments. Now‚ though‚ modern technology makes things much better. I proudly lead a state–of–the–art dental practice focused on pain–free treatment for all‚ including previously traumatized Chula Vista patients.

Want a specific example of how things are better now? Not so many years ago‚ Vista dental patients might have been injected with powerful numbing drugs that lasted most of the day using huge needles that always caused pain – physical and emotional. That’s not how we do things at Brighton Dental today. Our precision needles are tiny – and we use a special pH–neutral numbing agent warmed to near body temperature and topical anesthetics for a pain–free experience. In some cases‚ I don’t need to use a needle at all. Some procedures are now quick and painless without anesthetic.

Plus‚ you never feel out of control at Brighton Dental. I tell you what I’m doing and stop working when you want me to. Being informed takes away much of the fear. Or you can choose to watch TV and participate less in the process.

Today’s Equipment And A Proven Team…
For Chula Vista Dental Clients Of All Types

I’d like to be your dentist. I’m pleased to work with good people with strong commitments to our practice and patients as well as a true desire to help everyone – even anxious or nervous patients – using our modern tools and techniques. You can confidently rely on Brighton Dental for dental excellence.

I’m grateful and blessed that I can provide gentle biocompatible and holistic dental services to Chula Vista residents like you – and positively change the way you think about a dental visit. Here’s to a great life for us all!

Come see me at Brighton Dental‚ just minutes away in San Diego.
Contact us now at (619) 649-8517 for an appointment.