Dr. Paige Woods‚ DDS Proudly Serves Carlsbad Residents Like You

My goal of excellence is always the same‚ but the approach is customized to your needs and desires. I’m a holistic dentist Carlsbad residents can rely on for a functional‚ beautiful and pain–free mouth and teeth. I want you to be healthy‚ happy and satisfied with the services I provide. Depend on me – and I won’t let you down.

A holistic or biological dentist is different from an old–fashioned dentist. I focus on treating you as a person‚ not just a mouth. Your teeth are part of a system that involves meridians woven together and running throughout your body so that everything that happens with your body interacts with other parts of it. Dentists of the past didn’t always realize that.

Overall Well–Being For Everyone In Carlsbad

By establishing trust before we begin treating any patient‚ we can eliminate dental anxiety and increase the speed‚ effectiveness and comfort of treatment. Using aromatherapy‚ acupuncture‚ start–and–stop control during procedures and other methods‚ we can make your dental experience a positive one. Often‚ we can complete treatment without shots or drilling and completely painlessly.

Additionally‚ I’m a strong advocate for the following lifestyle practices:

  • Eating of any minimally processed‚ unadulterated foods whenever possible
  • Practicing yoga‚ meditation and other smart mental and spiritual health techniques
  • Asking questions of medical professionals and staying informed about your health
  • Working only with holistic dentists and doctors for treatment
  • And more.

You can be sure that I use biocompatible dental materials that do no harm on every Carlsbad patient. I don’t support the use of mercury or other metal filling materials and instead prefer composites‚ which are safe and look better. I support the removal of harmful amalgam fillings and the use of ozone–infused water for healing gum pockets and oppose root canals in many cases.

More About Holistic Solutions For Dental Anxiety

Let’s admit it: Dental practices in the past were sometimes savage. Dentists often did unthinkable things to their patients. But times and technology have changed. We’re a gentle‚ painless dental practice that proudly serves scared‚ previously traumatized Carlsbad residents‚ no matter your dental or oral health need.

One thing that has changed a lot in recent years is anesthesia. Not that long ago‚ patients like you might have been routinely subjected to big needles that caused both physical and emotional trauma. Now? Needles are smaller‚ topical anesthetics make it so you can’t feel them – and you don’t have to look. And we use a pH–neutral anesthetic warmed to room temperature that’s nearly painless anyway. Plus‚ many procedures don’t require needles at all. Microabrasion and low–heat drills mean that procedures are often painless without anesthetic.

Additionally‚ you’re always in charge at Brighton Dental near Carlsbad. We work at a pace that’s comfortable for you and stop when you want us to. And we tell you at every step of the way what’s happening if you want to know. Or you can watch TV while it all happens quickly and easily.

Modern Tools And Great People…
Serving Carlsbad Dental Patients Like You

I lead a team of great people with strong principles and a real desire to help every patient – even anxious or nervous ones – and have an office equipped with laser diagnostic tools‚ digital x–rays‚ intraoral cameras and other technology to help us and you. Depend on us for beautiful‚ simple and painless dentistry for Carlsbad and beyond.

I’m truly blessed and constantly amazed that I can express my passion for excellence in overall health at this holistic‚ biological dental practice. I hope I can change how you think about dentistry for the better – and help you have the best life possible.

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