Can I Get Hybridge Without Ever Having To Go Without Teeth?

A range of dental restorations choices are available that make it possible to replace your rotting teeth with beautiful new ones without ever spending a day without teeth. This means you can work‚ attend events and go about your daily life while treatment is underway.

Your best bet? In many cases‚ the Hybridge full arch restoration is the right choice. It fits better than dentures‚ stays in your mouth permanently and can last a lifetime. And treatment is quicker than with traditional implants.

You’ll Always Have Teeth With Hybridge

One of the most common concerns among patients looking at dentures‚ dental implants and other restoration options is that they will have to go for a period of time without teeth – making it impossible or at least embarrassing to work, participate in family functions and generally enjoy life.

With Hybridge full arch restoration‚ most patients are able to enjoy the cosmetic benefit of a temporary denture while treatment is underway. This covers the time between when you have the surgery to remove existing teeth and implants placed and when you have your permanent new prosthetic teeth placed.

We have to admit that this temporary denture has limitations‚ however: While it will look great aesthetically‚ you can’t eat everything you want. Depending on the specifics of your situation‚ there will be significant limitations on what you can chew‚ and you may experience other functional issues. But remember‚ the situation is only temporary.

Can I Get Hybridge Without Ever Having To Go Without Teeth?

How Long Does Hybridge Take?

At Brighton Dental San Diego‚ we begin the Hybridge full arch restoration by determining if the procedure is a good fit for you. We have other restoration options if it isn’t‚ and there’s a solution that’s right for every dental and oral health situation.

We measure treatment time from when you have your first (and perhaps only) surgical procedure until the process ends with the permanent insertion of your new Hybridge restoration. A number of factors determine exact treatment time‚ including:

  • Whether you have teeth that need to be extracted when you come to us
  • If it will be necessary to do any bone grafting due to bone loss
  • Whether you are needing upper teeth‚ lower teeth or both‚ and
  • If there’s infection present at any point during the treatment.

In the right situation‚ Hybridge full arch restoration takes only 2 weeks from start to finish. In rare cases‚ a large amount of bone grafting may be necessary‚ and treatment can be extended to 16 weeks or more. Most cases are on the shorter end‚ and we’ll establish a timeline when we see you and take a look at your circumstances to determine what’s necessary to provide you the great smile and excellent function you deserve.

At Brighton Dental‚ Dr. Paige Woods and everyone on our team understands patient concerns about how they look during treatment and how long treatment will take. That’s why we always give you options‚ tell you what will happen and let you make decisions that fit your schedule‚ your lifestyle and more.

Hybridge full arch restoration is a durable solution if you’ve lost most or all teeth on the top or bottom or need to have those teeth extracted. Other solutions are available in other circumstances. You can be sure that we’ll never offer you a service or procedure that isn’t in your best interest.

Why not reach out to us and make an appointment to discuss Hybridge and your other oral and dental health concerns that may be impacting your quality of life? We’re looking forward to meeting and serving you.

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