Testing For Sensitivities Means We Know Exactly What NOT To Use

Brighton Dental in San Diego is pleased to offer 2 widely respected sensitivity tests for patients concerned about specific biocompatibility issues. Our holistic dental practice strives to use only materials in and on your body that cause no negative reaction, and these tests can help us make sure we’re on the right track to avoid interfering with your unique physiology.


Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT)

Clifford testing provides Dr. Woods an extensive array of valuable information about your specific sensitivities so we can use materials that are the least offensive to your body in the treatments we provide.

CMRT doesn’t just test for the responses of your body to certain biomaterials. It also tests for your responses to the corrosion byproducts of these materials which could be generated as dental materials naturally degrade over time and break down or decompose. In many cases, it’s not just the materials you must be concerned with but the products of decomposition as well.

Your body makes antibodies against antigens that challenge it, and this testing can detect the immunologic record that your immune system has stored about chemicals and other components that have proven to be offensive to it in the past.

Your CMRT dental panel shows reactions for 95 chemical groups and is correlated to more than 17,000 brand-name dental products we might want to use on you. When we see sensitivities to items we plan to use, we can select an alternative.


Biocomp Blood Serum Biocompatibility Testing

You may decide to have Biocomp Blood Serum Biocompatibility Testing if you have chronic pain issues, concerns about your systemic wellbeing or other health issues and want full knowledge of your personal sensitivities and your body’s compatibility with dental materials that will be used in your mouth.

Dentists have a variety of material choices for many procedures and restorations, and this testing – similar in many ways to Clifford testing – checks for reactivity to more than 3,000 dental materials in 21 categories. Results will tell you whether these substances are Highly Reactive, Moderately Reactive or Least Reactive with your body.

This test checks for reactions to product categories that include composites, cements, crown materials, denture materials, bonding agents and more – plus the laboratory is always improving the test to check for more reactions. Within 2 weeks of testing (sooner if treatment is urgent), we get a report that helps us choose the right materials and assists you in making smart decisions.


It Makes Sense To Be Certain

For every patient, every day, we use biocompatible materials that withstand the tests of time. We don’t use amalgam filling material, for example, because we don’t want to put mercury and other metals in your mouth. We’re reluctant to do root canals because of all the chemicals involved and the significant risk of infection. But some people – perhaps you – have special sensitivities to certain dental materials, and this biocompatibility testing is an extra step that ensures we’re using the best materials for your specific situation.

At Brighton Dental, we’re a San Diego dental clinic that’s ready to resolve your toughest dental concerns. We’re the gentle holistic, biocompatible dental office that’s worth traveling for. Whether you live in Southern California or not, we can resolve your dental and oral health issues at our San Diego office – if you make the commitment to come to us.

Sensitivity testing with these respected tests is just one more way we make sure we’re taking the right actions for every patient. Schedule your appointment now (619-359-6569) and we’ll get you on the path toward a healthier mouth and a beautiful smile that will improve your life in immeasurable ways.